How To Draw A Cartoon Rocket – A Step by Step Guide

Cartoon Rocket drawing in just 6 Easy Steps!

Many people dream of the wonders of space travel, and it’s easy to see why! Space represents a great unknown that we know very little about despite great leaps in technology in recent decades.

It can be lots of fun imagining what exploring the cosmos may be like, and learning how to draw a cartoon rocket is a great way to visualize what it may be like!

This guide will aim to show you how you can have a ton of fun designing your very own awesome rocket along with some creative space backgrounds.

So get ready for a creative voyage as we begin this step-by-step guide on how to draw a cartoon rocket in just 6 fun and easy steps!how to draw a cartoon rocket in 6 steps

How to Draw A Cartoon Rocket – Let’s Get Started!

Step 1how to draw a cartoon rocket step 1

To begin this cartoon rocket drawing, we will first draw the tip of the rocket. This will have a triangular shape that is similar to the shape of a tortilla chip.

We would recommend not using a ruler for this shape, as you will notice that the edges of the shape are slightly curved.

It will have three pointy tips, and the way that this shape is positioned is important, as we will be connecting the rest of the rocket to it in a specific way.

Once this triangle is drawn, you’re all set for step 2 of the guide!

Step 2 – Now, draw the body of the cartoon rockethow to draw a cartoon rocket step 2

In this second step of our guide on how to draw a cartoon rocket, we will be drawing the body of the rocket. This will connect to the bottom edge of the triangular tip from the first step.

The body of the rocket will be long and curved as it extends from the tip. The sides will curve inwards to form a base that is the thinnest part of the drawing by far.

There won’t be any extra details or parts attached to it for now, so once it’s drawn we can move on to some additional details in the next steps.

Step 3 – Next, draw the attachments for the rockethow to draw a cartoon rocket step 3

This rocket wouldn’t get very far without some sort of propulsion, so we shall draw these boosters in this step.

Each booster will be attached to an angular squared section, and you can start with these. This time, we would recommend using a ruler for these sections.

There are two reasons for this: first we want the lines to be nice and straight. Secondly, you can use the ruler to make sure these sections are of equal length.

Then, we will be adding the boosters. These are somewhat rocket-shaped themselves, as they are drawn with some curved lines that culminate in pointy tips.

Finish them off by adding two curved lines onto each one, and then we can continue!

Step 4 – Now, draw some details onto the rockethow to draw a cartoon rocket step 4

Now we can start adding some details such as windows and other smaller touches to your cartoon rocket drawing.

Before we draw the window, there will be a curved line across the rocket underneath the pointy tip.

Then, you can draw a medium-sized circle underneath that line and then draw a smaller circle inside of it.

Next, draw two curved lines near the base of the rocket. Once these are drawn, we will add some vertical straight lines going across this section.

We will do a similar effect on the boosters of the rocket, except the vertical lines will be below a single line as opposed to two.

Then we’re ready for some final details and elements in the next step of the guide!

Step 5 – Add the final details to your drawinghow to draw a cartoon rocket step 5

We have a few more final details to add before we add some color in the final step of this guide on how to draw a cartoon rocket.

Our final details are simple, but you will also get to add some of your own! For ours, we will add some dots across various sections of the rocket.

These will serve as bolts and rivets on the rocket, and they will finish it off nicely.

Then it’s your turn to add some details! You could draw some fire coming from the base of the rocket for one idea, and another would be to draw a background.

Doing this would be a great way to use your imagination to create some stunning space scenes.

Step 6 – Finish off your drawing with colorhow to draw a cartoon rocket step 6

Now we can finish off with some coloring fun in this final step of this tutorial. In our reference picture, we showed you one of the many ways that you can go about coloring this awesome rocket.

We used various shades of reds for the tipped sections of the rocket and the boosters. Then, we went with some metallic greys for the rest of the sections.

These colors are all just suggestions that you could try out, but this is your chance to show off what other amazing ideas you have for the picture!

What colors, art tools and mediums will you choose for this wonderful rocket?

5 Tips To Make Your Cartoon Rocket Drawing Even Better!

Blast off for some drawing fun as we make your cartoon rocket sketch even better!

The focus of this cartoon rocket drawing was on the rocket itself, but you could add some more effects. For one example, you could add some fiery effects coming from the rocket.

This would further make it look like the rocket is blasting through space! That is just one example of how you could make this picture come alive, but what other details could you add?

The design of this drawing of a cartoon rocket is pretty simple yet effective, but you could customize it even further. You could tweak the details of the rocket or even add some elements such as a country’s flag to the side.

Even if these added details are small, they can help you to create an even more unique image!

Next, it could be fun to add some more space crafts to this cartoon rocket sketch. You would have many options for doing this!

One option would be to draw some more rockets zooming along beside this one. You could even design some fun alien spaceship designs.

These are a few ideas, but what other kinds of ships could you add?

When you have finished the design of your cartoon rocket along with any additional space ships, you can then draw a background.

Even if you stick to a regular space background, there are so many ways to make it interesting. Adding stars, planets and moons is a good start.

Then you could add some asteroids, comets and maybe even something like the Milky Way! What kind of background can you think of?

One of the best ways to enhance your cartoon rocket drawing is by using some fun colors and art mediums. You could mix paints, colored pens, markers and other fun crafts.

If you can get your hands on some glow-in-the-dark paint, then that would work well for the stars! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box as you pick your art tools and mediums.

Your Cartoon Rocket Drawing is Complete!

What a fun tutorial that was! We hope that you had an amazing time working on this guide on how to draw a cartoon rocket that we prepared for you.

The steps in this guide are there to show you that any drawing can be made so much easier when you know what to do.

We also wanted to leave things open for you to add your own details and elements to take it even further.

We mentioned how you can create a creative and fun cartoon space background to really finish it off, and that’s just one way you can put your own spin on it.

By changing up the colors, art tools and techniques you use you can really create an awesome personalized image.

Then, you’ll want to head to our website for more drawing fun! We have a massive selection of free drawing guides and other activities for you to enjoy and share with others.

More are coming soon, so keep checking in to never miss out.

Lastly, you can share the finished cartoon rocket drawing on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. That’s the best way to show off how great your artwork looks!how to draw a cartoon rocket in 6 easy steps


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