How to Draw A Cartoon Goat – A Step by Step Guide

Cartoon Goat Drawing in just 8 Easy Steps!

If you visit a farm, you will find all sorts of animals to admire! From pigs and chickens to cows and ducks, there is something to see around every corner.

Goats are another farm animal that are great to see. These creatures have a lot of personality as well as looking rather unique, so learning how to draw a cartoon goat can be a fun and rewarding experience!

If you would like to know exactly how you can do that, then you’re in the right place! This guide you have in front of you will show you how fun and easy it can be.

So get ready to take on this step-by-step guide on how to draw a cartoon goat in just 6 fun and easy steps!

We know that if you follow all the steps that you will end up with an awesome drawing in no to draw a cartoon goat in 8 steps

How to Draw A Cartoon Goat – Let’s get Started!

Step 1how to draw a cartoon goat step 1

We will begin this guide on how to draw a cartoon goat with the head of this animal. You can start this by drawing two oval shapes for the eyes.

These will have some lines near the top to make it look like the eyelids are lowered a bit. Don’t forget to draw the pupils of the eyes as well!

At the top of the head, we will then add two curved, slightly pointed horns. Finally, finish off by drawing the thin muzzle of the face and add an ear on the right.

Then you will be ready for the second step of the guide!

Step 2 – Next, draw some details for the head and neckhow to draw a cartoon goat step 2

Now we will take on the second step of the guide. In this one, we will be adding some details to the head that you started in the previous step.

First, draw some small curved horizontal lines all along the horns. Then, add some small curved eyebrows above the eyes.

Next, draw some curved hay into the mouth of the goat for it to chew on, and then use some curved lines for the neck.

Finally, add a thin collar around the neck and finish off with a medallion hanging from this collar.

Step 3 – Now, draw the legs and start of the backhow to draw a cartoon goat step 3

This third step of your cartoon goat drawing will see you adding the start of the back as well as the front legs of the animal.

For the start of the back, simply extend a slightly wavy line back from the top of the collar. We will then leave the back for now and focus on the front legs.

The legs are rather short and thin, and they end in some small hooves. Once you have these legs looking as they do in our reference image, you will be ready for the fourth part of the guide.

Step 4 – Next, draw the rest of the back and the bellyhow to draw a cartoon goat step 4

For this part of our guide on fow to draw a cartoon goat, we will add the rest of the back and the belly.

For the back, we will add some more curved lines that angle sharply downward at an almost vertical angle. Then, add another horizontal curved line for the chubby belly of the goat.

That’s all there is to is, so let’s move on!

Step 5 – Now, draw the tail and the first back leghow to draw a cartoon goat step 5

Your cartoon goat drawing is looking so great already! In this next step, we will add the little tail and the first back leg.

For the tail, we will be using some small curved lines that connect to one another to make it look nice and furry.

Then, draw the first back leg connecting to the back of the goat. This leg will be similar to the front legs, but will be shaped slightly differently.

Step 6 – Next, draw the udder and another leghow to draw a cartoon goat step 6

In this step, we will finish off the outlines of this goat before adding some final details and touches in the next step.

First, use some more curved, rounded lines for the udder underneath the body of the goat. Then, we will see the bottom of the other leg and hoof poking out beneath the udder.

That’s all there is to it, so now let’s move on to those final details!

Step 7 – Next, draw a base for this cartoon goathow to draw a cartoon goat step 7

You’re almost ready for the final step of this guide on how to draw a cartoon goat! First, we have some final details and touches to add. Mainly, we will draw a grassy base for the goat.

You can use some curved outlines for the base and then add some jagged, pointy lines inside of this outline for the grass poking up.

Then, it’s up to you to finish it off! You could extend the background or add some additional elements such as a farmhouse or other animals. How will you finish off this awesome goat?

Step 8 – Now finish it off with some colorhow to draw a cartoon goat step 8

This is the final step of this guide, and now you can finish off with some color to bring this cartoon goat drawing to life!

For our example, we used various shades of browns for the fur of the goat, and then we used some pinks for the udder.

These are colors you could use as well, but you should definitely feel free to go for any additional color choices of your own.

Remember to also try out some additional art tools and mediums when adding your color, as they can really add some great new looks to your image.

4 More Ways To Make Your Cartoon Goat Drawing Unique

Find out how you can make your cartoon goat sketch even better with these tips!

When you see goats in real life, they will often be kept in herds. You could recreate this in your own drawing of a cartoon goat by adding some more goats!

Now that you have finished the guide, you could add as many more goats as you like. It would be fun to vary the facial expressions and poses of each goat to make each one unique!

How many goats would you like to have in this image?

In this picture, we see a small patch of grass around this cartoon goat. You could increase the background to be more fully realized with some cool details.

This is something you could do even if you added some more cartoon goats to the scene as we suggested in the previous tip. You could finish off this idea by adding other background details as well.

What sort of background setting would you like to have for this cartoon goat that you have created?

Earlier, we suggested adding a second goat to your cartoon goat drawing to populate it. This is one way of adding some characters to the image, but you could also add other animals!

The first theme you could go for could be a farm theme, and there are so many animals you could add even if you stick to this theme. Some examples would be adding animals like pigs, chickens or horses.

These are just a few of the animals you could add, but what are some other animal characters you could add?

Finally, you could also add a human character to your cartoon goat sketch. For example, you could add a farmer character to the scene.

This could be a standard farmer character, or you could base it on a specific person. Maybe the farmer could be designed to look like you!

Adding a farmer would be one idea, but how else could you add a human charcater to this scene?

Your Cartoon Goat Drawing is Complete!

You did an incredible job on the 8 steps of this guide on how to draw a cartoon goat! We hope that this guide was not only helpful and informative but also loads of fun to work on.

We attempted to make sure that it would be fun and easy, so as long as you follow the steps then you’ll nail it easily!

Then, when you would like to enjoy a new drawing guide, be sure to swing by our website for more fun to enjoy.

You can also show off how your cartoon goat drawing turned out by sharing it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages!how to draw a cartoon goat in 8 easy steps


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