How to Draw A Cartoon Clown – A Step by Step Guide

Cartoon Clown Drawing in just 6 Easy Steps!

When visiting a carnival or a fair, there are certain expectations of what should be there!

Big colorful tents, balloons and activities are to be expected, and many people hope to see some clowns present as well.

That is, unless they have a clown phobia! For everyone else, it’s hard not to be amused by the colorful exploits of a clown, and that’s why we will learn how to draw a cartoon clown in this guide.

By the end of this guide, you will have your very own colorful cartoon pal!

So get ready to enjoy some wacky drawing fun as we learn how to draw a cartoon clown in just 6 fun and easy to draw a cartoon clown in 6 steps

How to Draw A Cartoon Clown – Let’s get Started!

Step 1how to draw a cartoon clown step 1

This is a really fun and imaginative design we will be working on in this guide on how to draw a cartoon clown!

We will begin drawing this funny clown by starting with the face and some of his body. First, draw a horizontal oval shape for his big nose.

Then, use a curved line beneath this for his smiling mouth. We will also draw some details below his mouth to show that it is open with his tongue showing inside.

Then, his eyes will be drawn as two small curved lines that are each inside of an oval. His head will then have a thinner round section that is above a much larger lower round section.

We will also add a bow tie that has a circle for the center and two large portions on either side. Finally, finish off by drawing two curved suspenders ending in buttons, and then draw his body.

Step 2 – Draw a hat for the clownhow to draw a cartoon clown step 2

We covered a lot in the first step of this cartoon clown drawing! For this second step, we will slow things down a little bit by focusing on one aspect: his hat.

The hat has a thin, curved rim sitting above his head, and then there is a larger round section on top of that.

For a fun detail, we will draw a flower onto the hat. Knowing clowns, it probably sprays water on unsuspecting victims!

You can then finish off this step by drawing his bumpy hair outline on the sides of his head.

Step 3 – Now, draw his pants

how to draw a cartoon clown step 3

We have another simpler step that focuses on one aspect of the picture in this one. A clown’s clothing is rarely normal, and that is true of this clown’s pants!

His pants are shaped a bit like a bowl, and they will go behind the straps and buttons of his suspenders.

Once you have drawn the pants outline, we will then add the pattern to it. Simply draw some curved vertical lines onto the pants for this aspect, and then it’s on to step 4!

Step 4 – Draw his arms and hands next

how to draw a cartoon clown step 4

Step 4 of this guide on how to draw a cartoon clown will focus on his arms and hands. His arms will be thin and curved, and we will draw them using some fairly simple curved lines.

Then, he will have some large gloves at the ends of his arms.

Each glove has a rounded rim where it meets the arms. Then, for the hands we will use some rounded shapes for his big fingers and thumbs.

You could even make the positioning of the arms even wilder if you wished!

Then, we shall finish off the final details and touches as we move to the next step of the guide.

Step 5 – Now, you can add the legs and final toucheshow to draw a cartoon clown step 5

Before we have some coloring fun, let’s finish off the outline of this cartoon clown drawing by adding his legs.

His legs will be very short indeed, as this will add to the exaggerated portrayal of this clown. They can be drawn using some simple curved lines, and then we will draw his shoes.

His shoes will be facing outwards and they will be rather flat and rounded. We will also draw a row of small thin shapes onto the tops of the shoes for the laces.

It’s as simple as that, and then you can add your own extra details and elements!

Adding a background is always a great way to take a drawing to the next level, and there are tons of settings you could choose for this guy.

It could be lots of fun to draw a whimsical circus background, and if you did that then what kinds of details would you work into it?

Step 6 – Finish off your drawing with some colorhow to draw a cartoon clown step 6

This is the final step of the guide, and now you can have tons of fun adding color to this clown!

Clowns are known for being really colorful and vibrant, and the one in our example image is no exception! We tried to use a wide variety of colors for this clown, and the colors really pop.

Some examples are some bright purples for his hat, green for his tie and suspenders and blues for his pants.

These are just a few of the colors we chose, but now you can show off what colors you think would suit this clown! Will you go for similar colors to our choices or go for entirely new ones?

This is really a step where you can let your creativity run wild, so have fun with it and see what you end up with!

Do this to take your cartoon clown drawing to the next level

Our tips for your cartoon clown sketch will definitely bring more fun and smiles to your day!

This drawing of a cartoon clown has many bright and happy colors, but this is an aspect you can really play around with.

If some of your favorite colors aren’t included, we think you should incorporate them!

You could change up some of the colors or give this cartoon clown a brand new look. Clowns tend to have really vibrant color schemes, so that’s worth keeping in mind for this design!

What sorts of color changes could you make for this clown?

Another way you could customize this cartoon clown would be by changing some details on his clothing and accessories. There are some subtle ways you could do this, but it could also be more drastic.

You could give him a cool hat or some fun clothing items that make him look even more unique. Giving him some props and items to interact with would also make this image even more fun.

What kinds of details would you like to add?

Once your cartoon clown drawing looks as you want it, you could add some other clown characters for him to interact with. This would be a great way to try out different character designs.

They could have some fun poses and you could create a wacky clown scene. You could make this clown troupe as big as you like and you would be able to create some fun circus scenes!

Finally, it would be fun to add a background for this cartoon clown sketch. The obvious choice would be to create a circus setting, but even if you go for that there are so many ways to make it unique.

The background could include circus rides, attractions and animals. Then, you would be able to add those props we spoke about in a previous tip.

Adding a background is one of the best ways to finish off the scene you want to create!

Your Cartoon Clown Drawing is Complete!

Clowns are always fun and vibrant, and we wanted to capture that spirit in this guide on how to draw a cartoon clown!

We hope that you had a ton of fun working through these steps, and we also hope that the steps made it even easier than you expected.

Now you can show us how it’s done as you add even more details and awesome colors to make it look even more amazing!

We have many more drawing guides for you to try on our website, and more are on the way all the time. Be sure to visit often so that you can enjoy them!

It would be great to have our day brightened by your colorful cartoon clown drawing, so please share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages when it’s ready!how to draw a cartoon clown in 6 easy steps


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