How to Draw A Cartoon Ant – A Step by Step Guide

Cartoon Ant Drawing in just 6 Easy Steps!

Ants are some of the smallest little creatures that we share our homes with, whether we realize it or not!

It’s hard to see the details of an ant with the naked eye, but they actually have a great deal of complexity to their design.

It’s great to get a bit of a close-up on these industrious little insects, and that’s why they’re the focus of this guide on how to draw a cartoon ant.

Throughout this tutorial, you will learn everything there is to know about drawing an adorable version of these cute ants

With that, you can now begin this step-by-step guide on how to draw a cartoon ant in just 6 fun and easy to draw Cartoon Ants in 6 steps

How to Draw Cartoon Ants – Let’s get Started!

Step 1how to draw Cartoon Ants step 1

This guide on how to draw a cartoon ant will begin with the head outline of this cute little ant. The head of the ant is quite curved and rounded, and it has two different sections to it.

You can draw it using some rounded lines to draw the top of the head and the base.

When drawing this head outline, remember to leave two tiny gaps at the top. These will be where the feelers will go, and they will also be drawn in this step.

They are thin and curved, and once they are drawn we can then move to the next step of the guide!

Step 2 – Start drawing the body for this anthow to draw Cartoon Ants step 2

As you probably know, the body of an ant is separated into three sections. These are the head, the central thorax and the abdomen at the back.

We will be drawing this central section along with the legs in this step of our guide on how to draw a cartoon ant.

The thorax is almost completely circular, and it attaches directly to the neck. There will be three legs on this side of the body as well, and they will be bent and angular with rounded sections at the ends.

You will also draw the ends of two legs on the other side of the body, and that will finish off this step!

Step 3 – Now, draw the abdomenhow to draw Cartoon Ants step 3

For this part of your cartoon ant drawing, we will be adding the final section of the ant: the abdomen.

The abdomen is the largest section of the ant, and it is rounded with a slightly pointy tip at the end of it.

It will also attach directly to the thorax, and you should make sure that it looks like the legs are in front of it!

When the abdomen is complete, we can then start adding some finer details in the next few steps.

Step 4 – Draw the face of this cartoon anthow to draw Cartoon Ants step 4

With the outlines all done, we can now start adding some inner details within this how to draw cartoon ant guide. For now, we will focus on adding a fun face design to the ant.

First, draw some oval shapes for the eye outlines. These will then have some smaller ovals with dots inside for the pupils. You can also add some small eyebrows above the eyes.

Finally, use a big curved line for the smiling mouth, and then add some extra little details around it. Then you are ready for some final touches in the next step of the guide!

Step 5 – Now, add in the final details of this cartoon ant drawinghow to draw Cartoon Ants step 5

This fifth step of our guide on how to draw a cartoon ant will see you adding some final details and touches to finish it off. You will also be able to add some fun extra details and ideas of your own!

First, let’s add some texture details to the abdomen. You can do this by adding some slightly curved vertical lines across this area.

Then, you are ready for those extra details we mentioned! There is a lot that you could do to make this drawing even better, and the first idea is to add some background details.

Since ants are so small, this gives you lots of opportunities to create a fun background that shows off this tiny size.

You could even draw some more ants or other insects for it to hang out with! How will you complete this cartoon ant?

Step 6 – Finish off your cartoon ant drawing with some colorhow to draw Cartoon Ants step 6

Now it’s time to finish off this cartoon ant drawing with some color! Even though they are so small, ants can come in many different colors and patterns.

In our reference picture, we showed you just one way that you can go about coloring this little ant.

We used a reddish-brown color scheme for the ant, and by varying the shades we were able to create a more textured look for the body.

You could also use different shades of browns or maybe even some blacks and greys for a more realistic look.

You could also take a more stylistic approach by using your favorite bright colors and art mediums! What kind of color approach will you take for this fun little ant?

Here’s how you can make your cartoon ant drawing even better…

Make your cartoon ant sketch even better with these tips for your artwork!

Ants in real life live in colonies, so adding more to your drawing of a cartoon ant would be a great way to show this aspect!

Now that you have completed this design, you can add as many ants as you like.

You could even make them smaller on the page so that you could make a bustling ant colony. How many cartoon ants would you like to add to this scene?

If you drop some food on the floor, chances are you will get some ants coming to pick up the pieces. That would be another fun detail to add to your drawing!

This cartoon ant could be carrying all kinds of foods on its back in order to make this picture even more dynamic. It could be something sweet like a piece of candy or even just a pile of crumbs.

Maybe look in your own kitchen to get some inspiration for the kinds of foods you could have this cartoon ant carrying.

Another way you could add some life to this cartoon ant drawing would be to add other small insects and creatures. There are literally thousands upon thousands of insect species you could choose from!

These could be famous ones like ladybugs, flies or something larger like a grasshopper. If you need some ideas, maybe look up some images of insects online to get some inspiration.

What are some favorite insects

You could have a lot of fun adding a background to your cartoon ant sketch. Ants are so small that any objects in the scene will appear huge compared to them, and that opens up some fun possibilities.

Even something like a soda can would seem like a giant skyscraper to an ant. So if you were to add one to the background, you could figure out how to make it seem huge to the ant.

What sort of background settings and objects would you like to add?

Your Cartoon Ant Drawing is Complete!

Ants may be rather small, but we hope you had a huge amount of fun working on this guide on how to draw a cartoon ant!

In this guide, our goal was to make sure that you had an adorable and fun representation of this tiny insect, but we also wanted to make sure it was fun and easy to do.

Hopefully we succeeded in all of these goals!

When you have completed our design, remember that you can also keep the fun going with your own details and ideas!

We mentioned drawing a background or some more insects to complete this drawing, but these are a few ideas out of many that you can go for.

What else have you got up your sleeve to finish off this drawing?

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