Bubble Letter Y – How To Draw Your Own Bubble Y

A Step By Step Drawing Guide To Your Own Bubble Letter Y

Y is the second to last letter of the alphabet, making it the twenty-fifth letter overall. It’s a letter that has similar forms whether you write it in lowercase or uppercase, with only small variations.

Either way, it will be written with three lines connecting to one another. This means that learning to write it isn’t that difficult and can be mastered quickly.

In this guide, we will be aiming to learn how to make this letter a bit more exciting. We will do that by learning how to draw a bubble letter Y.

This will be done in 6 fun and easy steps that will show you everything you need to know. We will also look at some ways to make it more unique while leaving room for your own creativity!

So let’s start with the first step as we find out how you can draw this bubble letter.

How To Draw Your Own Bubble Y

Let’s Get Started


How To Draw Your Own Bubble Y step 1

As we mentioned in the introduction, Y is a letter that has three lines all meeting at a single point. This will remain the case with this bubble letter version.

When you’re writing a Y, you will use some pretty straight lines. We will be aiming to make it look like a bubble, so we will actually avoid using any straight lines.

To start with, you can draw out a regular Y, preferably with something you can erase later. This guiding letter can be drawn with straight lines, as it will form the skeleton of the bubble letter.

As for the first line in this guide, we will keep things simple. We will draw a simple curved line that will form the start of the ‘arm’ on the left.

Simply draw it as it appears in our reference image, and then we can proceed to step 2.


How To Draw Your Own Bubble Y step 2

In this second step, we will finish off this first arm of the letter. You will do this by continuing with the line that we began in the first step.

Simply keep the curved line going until it curls in on itself, as we see in the reference picture. That will give us the first rounded arm of the letter.

All of the parts of this letter Y will have a similar rounded look and be structured like this first arm.

We will be drawing these parts in the next few steps, so when you’re happy with how it looks then we can continue with the next part.


How To Draw Your Own Bubble Y step 3

In step 3, we will essentially repeat what we did in the first step of this bubble letter Y. That means we will be drawing another arm, except this one will be more like a leg.

What we mean is that this rounded section will be what the letter is standing on, so to speak. Simply use another long, curved line that connects to the first arm.

We made the leg quite short in our example, but you can make it longer if you prefer. That’s all there is to it for now!

In the next step, we will finish off the outline for your letter so that we can add some fun inner details.


How To Draw Your Own Bubble Y step 4

You’re really getting the hang of it now! So far you have drawn three sections of this letter Y, and there is one more to go.

You can see that there is a blank space on the upper right-hand side of the letter, and that is what we will fix now. That means drawing one more arm for the letter.

You know how to do this now: one more curved line to fill the gap. The reference image will show you how this should be angled.

Once that is drawn, we have our complete Y outline! We’re not done yet though, and this outline opens up some possibilities we will explore in the next few steps.

With the outline complete, we won’t be needing the regular Y that we suggested adding in the first step. You can go ahead and erase that now if you drew it, as it will simply clutter up the page.

Now, let’s go to step 5 and look at some of the interior details we can add.


How To Draw Your Own Bubble Y step 5

As far as we are concerned, this letter Y is looking great already. But, we can make it look even better!

We set out to make a bubble letter, and these next details will help to make it look more like one. If you’ve ever blown bubbles, then you will know they reflect light.

We will make this letter have the same effect by drawing some reflective spots on it. For our example, we added these reflective spots on the upper arms of the letter.

That makes it look like there is a light source above the letter shining down on it. If you would like the light source to be coming from somewhere else, simply draw these ovals elsewhere on the letter.

You’ll also see that we added some thin, slightly curved lines inside the letter. These will also help to make it look like this is a bubble, as they add a bit of depth to the drawing.

That shows the details we would recommend adding, but you can take a different approach if you like! There are all sorts of fun details you could add.

If you aren’t as concerned with making it look like a bubble, you could instead cover it with patterns or shapes. This would not only look cool but would also allow you to add more colors.

There are so many possibilities for extra details! We will also go over some other fun ideas you can try after the next step, so stay tuned for that.


How To Draw Your Own Bubble Y step 6

A drawing always looks better with some color, and we will be adding some in this sixth and final step. The best thing about using color is there is no such thing as a bad choice!

You will have the chance to try out your favorite colors when you fill in your own drawing. For now, we will use our reference image as an example.

As you can see, we used a nice soft blue color scheme for our image. Even if you choose a different color scheme, you can still use the technique we used.

We used lighter and darker shades of this blue to make some parts of the image look even more like there is light shining on it.

Whether you use warmer colors or a variety of colors, you can use this same trick to give the letter more depth.

If you want to make it thematic, you could use yellow as it also starts with Y! These are all just suggestions, but now we want you to show off what colors you think would finish off this picture.

Not only that, but you could also show off your skills using different art tools and mediums to make the colors look even better!

My Final Tips To Make Your Bubble Letter Y Drawing Even More Special!

You’ve completed the steps of this guide, but we have a few more tips and ideas for you to consider. This is where you can really let your creativity flow and try out some cool ideas!

First, let’s start by thinking of some words that start with Y. We already mentioned yellow earlier, but there are many more.

For a few more examples, there are words like yawn or yogurt. How many more can you think of?

When you have chosen your word, you can then work it into the image. Let’s go back to the word yawn as an example.

You could write out the word and then draw a cartoon character doing a big yawn. It could also be fun to make each letter progressively smaller to simulate a yawn.

This is a really simple idea to show you how you can use words as themes. There are also names that start with Y that you could write out in this style.

Maybe you know someone named Yusef or Yara, for example. It doesn’t have to start with Y either, as you could use a name that has y in it, like Amy.

Try to think of people you know to see if there are any names you can write with this bubble letter Y.

We’ve given you something to start with, but now you can show off your own ideas!
How would you like to take this bubble letter you drew to the next level with some fun additions?

How To Draw Your Own Bubble Y step by step guide

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