How to Draw Anime Boys Hair – A Step by Step Guide

Anime Boys Hair Drawing in just 6 Easy Steps!

Anime is a form of animation from Japan, and it has become increasingly popular in the last few decades.

It covers many different kinds of styles, stories and characters that many people have come to appreciate.

Some anime can be enjoyed by the youngest children while others are more for adults, and there is something for everyone to enjoy. Anyone who has enjoyed any anime may have wondered how to draw anime boys hair so that they can make their own characters.

That’s what we’re here to cover, as we will show you how it’s done in just 6 fun and easy steps! We will break it down to show you how easy it can be, and then we will even go over a few ways that you can make it even more unique and interesting.

You’ll definitely want to grab all of your favorite drawing tools and coloring supplies as we work together to create an incredible anime boys hair drawing.

How to Draw Anime Boys Hair

How to Draw Anime Boys Hair – Let’s get Started!

Step 1

How to Draw Anime Boys Hair step 1

Before we start drawing the hair itself, we will first begin with the face of this character. As we mentioned earlier, anime characters can come in many different styles, so the shape of the face is something that you can experiment with.

For now, we will stick to the shape in our example. The face in the reference image is rounded and pointy at the same time, and it will serve to create quite an expressive design for your character.

It also leaves plenty of room for you to add your own facial details later! Before you begin, you may want to use a pencil to prepare your drawing. Using a light touch, carefully draw the shape on the head with a rounded top and the general pointy shape of the jaw.

Then, you can use your pen or a darker pencil to draw the actual outline of the lower jaw, as shown in our example. Finally, finish off with two rounded shapes for the ears on either side.

That will do it for the shape of the face, and then we can move on to the trickier parts as we start drawing the hair.

Step 2: Draw the outer shape of the hair

How to Draw Anime Boys Hair step 2

This is where things may start to get tricky, but don’t worry! As long as you take it slowly and carefully follow the guide, you will be able to do it easily.

Whenever you’re drawing something new, it’s always a good idea to take your time and remember that you can always try again if you mess up.

Now, from the previous step we have the outline of the head. If you followed our advice of drawing the top of the head with a pencil then you can already start to visualize how the head and the hair interact.

Start by drawing two wavy lines at the top of the head. These will connect at the center in a slight dip.

At the outer ends of these lines, you can add some pointy sections that function as the first curls of his hair. Then, you can add several other similar pointy shapes beneath these curls to add some more.

The curls can get longer the lower down you go, as shown in our example. Once again, they don’t have to match how they look in our example exactly.

Different styles will also have different shapes, so try to use a photo or reference image if you want to draw a different hairstyle to the one we created here.

You can also use different line techniques to achieve different hairstyles, so be sure to get creative and experiment with it when you have the hang of it!

Whatever you choose to do, you will have the complete outline of the hair after this step, and then we can start adding some interior details.

Step 3: Add the inner hairline

How to Draw Anime Boys Hair step 3

The third step of your anime boys hair drawing will also potentially be a bit tricky. In this one, we will be drawing the inner hairline outline on the inside of his face.

This will be done with a series of thin, slightly curvy shapes similar to the ones we used on the top side of his hair. The difference this time will be that the hair curls are pointing vertically down instead of out to the sides as they did last time.

We would recommend working from the outer curls inward, and as you can see in our reference image they don’t all need to be the same shape or length.

They don’t even necessarily have to match how ours look exactly, and you can get creative with it! At the center of this outline, there will be a larger curved gap, as shown in our example.

You will notice that the locks of hair on the interior will cover a lot of the face. This can make the character look more mysterious, but it may not be what you want for your character.

Later in the guide, you will have a chance to draw some facial features for the character if you want to. If that is something that you want to do, then you may want to draw fewer hair details that cover the face.

You could easily achieve this while maintaining the design we have created here!

When you’re happy with how the hair looks in this step, we can move on to step 4 where we will add some more details.

Step 4: Now draw some more interior details

How to Draw Anime Boys Hair step 4

You’ve finished the hardest parts of this drawing, and now we will add some more to the actual character you have been creating.

Let’s start simply by drawing a series of small straight lines at the central point of his inner hair outline.

This will add some shading and also show the roots of his hair. It’s a simple touch, but it adds some realism and depth to the character.

Next, we will draw his neck and shoulders, which may be easier than you think! To draw his neck, simply draw two straight, vertical lines down from his jaw.

Then, you can add the shoulders with some sloping lines coming down from the sides of his neck, as shown in our example. We drew a small portion of his shoulders, but you could add more if you wish!

If you wanted to, you could even draw the entirety of this character’s body to create a full on pose. We will also go over a few ways to add more to the character later in the guide.

Once you have all of these details, you can then carefully erase any pencil lines you drew to plan out your drawing, as they won’t be needed anymore.

This is something you should be careful with, however. If you used a pen to draw the final lines, be sure to wait until the ink is completely dry before you erase it, as it may smudge the ink if you’re not careful.

If you used a darker pencil instead of a pen for the final lines, then be careful not to accidentally erase any of the final lines. When you have finished the final lines and erased anything you don’t need, you will be ready for some final touches in the next step!

Step 5: Draw some smaller hair details

How to Draw Anime Boys Hair step 5

Before you color in your drawing, we have a few smaller details to add in to really finish up our drawing of anime boys hair. These details will be simple, small details, but they will make a big difference to your drawing.

Start by adding some really small rows of lines near the center of the hairstyle. Adding these will create a more realistic parting for his hair, which you can see in the reference picture.

Then, we will draw some simpler curved lines all throughout the hair interior to add some more hair texture detail. You can copy these as we drew them in our example, but don’t be shy about letting your inspiration take over!

Once these details have been added, you have finished the design and are ready for some coloring fun. Before you move on, be sure to customize your drawing in any way you like.

One way of doing this would be to draw the rest of the face. This is a great way to add even more personality to your drawing!

You could use an existing anime character’s face, but you could also design your own to create a unique character. If you’re feeling especially ambitious, then you could draw the rest of this character’s body and create a pose.

By adding a background, you could create your very own anime scene! What kind of character would you like to create?

Step 6: Now, finish off with some color

How to Draw Anime Boys Hair step 6

For the final step of this guide on how to draw anime boys hair, we will finish off with some coloring fun!

This is a step where you can really show off your creativity and have some fun with it as you make your own creative decisions.

In our reference image, we kept the colors quite muted, going for some subdued beige and brown colors. This was done to give you an idea of one way it can be done, but you could use any colors you like!

Anime characters are often incredibly colorful and vibrant, so this would be a great chance for you to use all of your favorite colors and coloring tools.

If you want the colors to look really bright and vibrant, then you could use colored pens and markers. Some kinds of paint would also help to make the colors really pop and stand out.

You could also incorporate some other crafts such as glitter or stickers to make it look even more interesting. You can also add some colors to the background or any other elements that you may have added!

By the time you have finished coloring this picture, it will probably look quite different to our example and will look amazing in its own way!

We certainly can’t wait to see how amazing it looks when it’s done, as we’re sure you will have brought all kinds of unique ideas to the drawing.

Your Anime Boys Hair Drawing is Complete!

That brings us to the end of this guide on how to draw anime boys hair! We hope that you enjoyed the guide, and that it showed you how fun and easy it can be to draw this style of character.

The guide is meant to be a starting off point that you can use, and now you have everything you need to create your own characters. You could also take what you have learned and use it to help you draw any of your favorite anime characters.

There are many different styles of hair and characters that you could recreate, so be sure to let your imagination run wild! If you need some more inspiration, be sure to check out other existing characters in this style.

You could also use the hairstyles of favorite actors, people you know personally or even yourself to model your character after. Once you have the hang of it, you could even design whole scenes with multiple characters interacting with one another.

We can’t wait to see what you choose to do with this drawing! You can share your picture to our Pinterest page to show off your artwork.

If you decided to name your character, we hope you will write the name beneath the face so we can see what they’re named!

How to Draw Anime Boys Hair step by step guide

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