Storytime Tuesday “Piggies” with Craft

This week we read the story “Piggies” by Audrey Wood. The text and illustrations in this book go perfectly together. There are only three or four well-chosen words per page, but the author still manages to keep the story alive and moving.

The book basically explains various situations the little piggies (fingers) find themselves in. For example, the piggies may be clean or they may be dirty. They may be hot or they may be cold. Different kisses for the little piggies are explained. It is a perfect bedtime story and since there aren’t very many words, we often take the time to look at all the piggies on each page and giggle about the silly things they are doing. This story is almost always followed by the traditional “This Little Piggy” game on my kids little toes in bed before I kiss them goodnight.  🙂

Materials You Will Need:
-White sheet of card stock paper
-Fine Tip Black Marker
-Flesh color crayon
-Pink paint and paint brush
-A Marker

1. Use a pencil to trace your child’s hand onto the white card stock paper. Make sure your child’s fingers are spread out like in the picture below.

2. Re-trace the hand print with the black marker. I used pencil to trace the hand first because I knew how wiggly my kids would be and I had to use my eraser to smooth out some of the lines before tracing it with the black marker.

3. Have your child color their hand print with a flesh colored crayon.

4.  Next dip the bottom of your marker into the pink paint and press it on top of each finger twice to make a pig head and body. You could also use fingerprints if you want.


6. Once dried completely, use the fine tipped marker to add the details to your pig: ears, nose, eyes, tail, etc.



7. At the top of the paper write “My Five Piggies” and have your child write their name on the bottom of the paper. I had to write the words at the top for my 4-year old but my 6-year old was obviously able to do it by himself. Now you are finished!


Tomorrow I will be sharing a Piggy Snack to go along with this story so I hope you’ll come back and take a peek!

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