Stained-Glass Plastic Lid Ornaments

I like to take my kids out for an occassional splurge now and again. We no longer buy our kids Happy Meals at McDonald’s so when we go there it is an extra special treat. Not a Happy Meal kind of treat though, rather a smoothy treat. We LOVE their smoothies! At our most recent trip to get a smoothy I looked at the plastic lids and thought, “Hey, we can make something out of these!”
Stain Glass Ornaments
It was such a simple project that the kids loved! They look awesome hanging from a window to give that stained-glass effect, but also look pretty up on the Christmas tree.

To make them start by using a hole punch to make a hole at the top of the lid. Then place the lid face down on the table and put glue over all of it. Next add embellishments on to your glue. We went with traditional sequins, gold star sequins, and gold glitter. Finally, cover the glue and entire lid with tissue paper squares. After it dries, add a ribbon to it and turn it over to see your fun stained-glass ornament!

We called this one “Oh Christmas Tree”…


And this one was named “Stars were gleaming”…

I might have a new obsession with saving clear plastic lids…Someone help me, please!!



Christmas Tree Art

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