Sponge Painted Shape Robots Craft

No matter how old you are, robots are always awesome! Their metal bodies, quirky movements and robotic voices always grasp interest and leave you in wonderment about science and technology. This makes them an especially fun topic to learn about in preschool. One fun way to explore robots in preschool is with using shapes. This week my preschooler and I had a blast sponge painting shapes and turning them into bright, kooky robots. Grab some sponges and get ready to have a riot of a good time with your preschooler making this sponge painted shape robots craft. Look for more fantastic robot themed preschool activities at the bottom of this post!

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Supplies you will need:
1. Start by drawing shapes on your sponges with a marker and then cut them out. You can do a search for “robot clip art” on Google for some inspiration or simply draw rectangles, squares, ovals and circles in varying sizes.
2. Lay out your sponges in the design you want for your robots.
3. Pour different colors of paint on your paper plates. Dab the sponges onto the paint, making sure to coat the bottom of it completely and then press the shapes onto your white cardstock paper to make your robots.
4. Once your paint is finished drying glue googly eyes onto your robots. Then use metallic markers to add details to your robots like antennae, arms, mouth and wheels.

Let your creativity go wild and decorate your robots however you like. My preschooler decided to add details around her robots too. Adding the robot details is great for preschoolers, not only in using their creativity, but it’s great for pre-writing skills with holding the markers and drawing lines, circles, rectangles and shapes.

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