How to Draw Sonic – A Step by Step Guide

Sonic Drawing in just 9 Easy Steps!

When it comes to video game characters, they seem to come in tiers of popularity and endurance.

Some characters have many fans, but others are destined to become icons that pretty much anyone would recognize.

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of those iconic characters and has been having high-speed adventures since his first appearance in 1991.

If you count yourself as one of his legions of fans, then maybe you’ve wanted to learn how to draw him to celebrate your fandom.

We have created this step-by-step guide on how to draw Sonic in just 9 easy steps to make the process as fast as the speedy hedgehog himself!how to draw sonic in 9 steps

How to Draw Sonic – Let’s get Started!

Step 1sonic drawing step 1

Sonic has some pretty distinctive characteristics to his design, and we will make sure to include all of them! To start with, we will begin with one of those characteristics; his spiky back!

To start with this, you can draw a horizontal curved line for the top of the spikes. Using a series of more curved lines that end in points, we will be adding in three points to his spikes.

To help you visualize where everything will be going, you could draw in a circle using a light pencil to show where his head will be in relation to his spikes.

Step 2 – Next, you can start to draw his headsonic drawing step 2

For the next part of your Sonic drawing, we will be adding at the beginning of his head outline. At the end of the curved line you drew, simply add in a triangular line to form his ear.

Using the reference picture as a guide, you can then draw in a curved line to form the front of his head.

This part could use some practice, so it might be a good idea to draw it in pencil first, and then go over it in pen once you’re happy with it.

Step 3 – It’s time to add in Sonic’s other ear and the rest of his headsonic drawing step 3

In this next step of our guide on how to draw Sonic, we will be showing you how to draw the rest of his head.

Using the ear you drew in step 2, carefully add in a curved line for the top of his head.

Once you have that drawn in, you can add in another pointy ear like the other one, and then mirror the side of his face to look like the other side.

With that done, your Sonic head is done and you can move on to the next step!

Step 4 – Draw in Sonic’s first armsonic drawing step 4

Before you draw in the first arm of your Sonic drawing, be sure to add a curved line to form his smiling mouth inside his head!

The reference image will guide you on where to place that. His arm will then start to extend with a straight line directly from his head.

His gloved hand is then made up from some more curved lines, and you can follow the picture closely to replicate the look of the hand.

Once you’re happy with his arm, carefully draw in a line going down that has a sharp point for his tail.

Step 5 – Give Sonic a stomach and his other armsonic drawing step 5

Now that you’ve drawn in one hand, you should have no problem adding the other one!

His other arm will be a mirror image of the first one you draw, so it should be much easier to add in, especially with the reference picture to help you.

Once the other arm is drawn, you can use a nice curved line to give Sonic a tummy. This line should almost touch the other side of his body, but be sure to leave a space for his leg in the next step.

Step 6 – Let’s add in some legs for Sonicsonic drawing step 6

Sonic wouldn’t be Sonic without his speedy legs, so it’s time to draw some in for him in your Sonic drawing!

Using some short, straighter lines, you can add in the beginning of his legs. One of them will go in the space you left earlier.

His socks are then made up of two squat shapes, and then his shows are big and rounded.

If you use the reference picture, I’m sure you’ll do a great job of drawing in his legs!

Step 7 – Now, we can draw in Sonic’s facesonic drawing step 7

For the next step in our guide on how to draw Sonic, we will be giving the speedy hero a face.

You can give him his eyes by using two long ovals and then add in two smaller solid black ones inside them.

He then has his eyes surrounded by a large, rounded shape that you can see in the picture. Carefully draw that in, and then add in a round nose for him.

Finally, you can add in some lines in his ears to give them some depth.

Step 8 – Then, we will add in some final detailssonic drawing step 8

Your Sonic drawing is almost done, and just needs a few final touches!

You can draw in some simple lines on areas such as his belly, hands and feet as you can see in the reference picture. With these details added, there’s only one step left to go.

Bonus: Add Some Awesome Details To This Sonic Drawing!

This guide on how to draw Sonic shows a really classic interpretation of everyone’s favorite hedgehog! However, Sonic has had a huge amount of appearances in his time, and his look has evolved and changed a lot.

He has appeared in so many video games, comics, TV shows and even films, that each fan of Sonic will have their favorite look for the character.

Before you go to the final step of this guide, we think it would be fun to show off your favorite look for Sonic! It could be from any of the mediums we mentioned earlier or any others you may know of.

Once you have your look for Sonic, we would suggest looking up some reference images of the style. Then, when you have the images, you can use them with the steps in the guide.

Change the details that pertain to your chosen version and adapt them over the details in ours, and you will be able to still use the steps while creating your interpretation.

If you have a few different looks for Sonic, then it could be fun to do a few different pictures showcasing all of the different styles. For a laugh, you could even represent the infamous first version of the film character that got changed due to fan backlash!

Once you have created this new version of Sonic, you could then have some more fun by recreating backgrounds that pertain to your version.

For example, if you used a video game version of Sonic, you could use your favorite level from the game as the background to your image. What era of Sonic would you potentially like to use, or do you think you will stick to our design?

Step 9 – Now finish it off with some colorsonic drawing step 9

With that, you have managed to learn how to draw Sonic! There’s one more step though, and it’s a fun one!

Sonic needs some color now, so you can have a great time using your favorite art tools to color in everyone’s favorite hedgehog.

Sonic has a distinctive color set, and we have shown in our picture what he typically looks like. Will you stick with Sonic’s regular colors or will you use some of your favorite colors to fill him in?

You can also have a great time trying out some fun art mediums such as paints, watercolors or colored pens for some amazing color variations!

Which colors and mediums will you use to finish off your incredible Sonic drawing?

3 More tips to make your Sonic drawing easy!

Take it slow as we quickly show you how to make this easy to draw Sonic even easier!

Throughout the years, Sonic has been portrayed in many different styles. That means that if you have a style you find easy to draw, then chances are that Sonic has appeared in that style!

If that is the case, you could change the design of this Sonic drawing to suit the one that you find easier. This could be a cartoony style, or you may actually find it easier to draw a more detailed one.

It all depends on what you find comfortable, so don’t be afraid to change it in any way you need to!

This second tip we have for making this Sonic drawing easy is connected to our first suggestion.

Once you have chosen the style you would like for the drawing, you can use his various appearances to help you.

You have plenty of media to choose from, no matter what style you like! He has appeared in TV shows, movies, comics and of course tons of video games.

You would be able to find many images online, or you can refer straight to the media depictions themselves. That will help a lot when it comes to changing this Sonic sketch to the style you like.

What Sonic iteration would you like to use as inspiration?

If you would like to stick to the design we have in this guide, you can make it easier by planning it out a bit more. The steps in the guide make it easier, but the more you plan the easier it will be!

Using a pencil, try to draw some simple shapes that correspond with various parts of Sonic’s body.

For instance, you can use a circle for his head, an oval for his body and thin shapes for his arms and legs.

Then, when you have the proportions looking good, you can start working in some finer details. Finish off with your pen, and then your Sonic drawing will be finished before you know it!

Your Sonic Drawing is Complete!

We really hope that you had a great time using this guide to learn how to draw Sonic!

We wanted to make it easy and fun for you to learn to draw the blue blur himself, and now that you have done it you could keep drawing him and maybe change his position, expression and background!

The sky is the limit, and you should let your creativity run wild! We can’t wait to see what drawing variations, colors and mediums you use to complete your drawing.

We have many more awesome drawing guides like this one coming out all the time, so be sure to check out our page frequently so that the drawing fun never has to end!

Lastly, once you have finished your Sonic drawing, we would love it if you would share it to our Facebook and Pinterest pages!

We love to see how creative you can be, and we’re looking forward to seeing your incredible Sonic drawings!

Here Is A Quick Sonic Sketch To Inspire You!cartoon sonic drawing

Sonic is such an iconic character of video games, but he has also appeared in other media such as TV shows and hit films.

Here, we have a quick Sonic sketch by our artist Amanda to help you create your own.

Amanda drew Sonic in a simple, cartoony style to make it fun and easy for you to draw him. Once you have the hang of it, you could also add some of your own details or change the style.

This would be a great way for you to replicate some of your favorite Sonic designs from the games and other media!

If you wanted to take it even further, you could draw other Sonic characters as well.

Adding a background would also be a great way for you to show off your favorite locations from the series history!

how to draw sonic in 9 easy steps


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