Slap the Ghost Game (Addition Practice)

Have you heard of this game before?? We had so much fun playing it the other night! My son brought it home from school and was supposed to play it 4 times this week for homework but of course it was so much fun that we played it about a billion times. The game is designed to be played with 2 or 3 players.

-Ghost Cards (I decided to make my own Template so I could share it. Download it HERE.)
-Pair of Dice
-Beans or small candies such as skittles, smarties, M&Ms

1. Cut the ghost cards out and spread them out so that all players can reach them.

2. Take turns shaking the dice. Once the dice are rolled, add the two dice together.

3. Slap the ghost with the correct number. The player that slaps the correct ghost first gets a bean (or treat).

4. The person with the most beans (or treats) at the end of the game wins. I guess you can determine how many times the dice is rolled before the game is over. We did 15 rolls each game.

Since my oldest is a few years older we played rounds where we were extra slow so my preschooler could make sure to win. Plus, to make it even more fair, we decided it didn’t matter who won the most because at the end of the game, I divided up all the treats and gave each child an equal amount.

For preschool age children, you could also just use one dice and only 6 cards. If I played this with my preschooler myself, that is how I would do it.

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