Silent “e” Reading Game

I’ve been teaching my Kindergartner the silent “e” concept and came up with this game similar to my Sight Word Game to help him practice and grasp the concept.
You can download and print the game board by clicking on the image below. It opens up looking blurry and spotty but it prints normal. (Note: I changed the wording a little in #3 of the instructions so the actual game board differs from the picture above. You can see the change in the picture below.)
(The bunny image used in the game board is from

You can download and print the writing cards by clicking on the image below. All you have to do is cut the paper in half to get 2 cards per page.

After printing the game board, I laminated it with contact paper so it would last longer. To play the game you will also need 1-2 dice, a pencil and game piece markers. We decided to use the game piece markers out of our Candy Land Game.
Here’s how to Play:
1. Put your game piece on the “start” egg. Roll the dice and move that many spaces.


2. Read the sound found on the egg you landed on and then make a word using that sound.

3. Write the word on your writing card.

4. Take turns moving around the board until your writing card is completely filled out.



I’m really excited about how well he grasped this concept just by playing this game alone. We will of course play it lots the next couple weeks, along with recognize and practice silent e words in the books we read.
Thanks for coming by today!!


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