Roll a Goal Game

I was getting ready to throw away one of my daughter’s diaper boxes when it suddenly hit me that I could use it to make a fun game for my kids….A few cuts, some paint, glue and stickers and we developed a game called “Roll a Goal”.

We gave the front of the box 2 good coats of paint, but the sides only got one coat since they weren’t very visible while playing.

The yellow cardboard strips with the point value of each hole were just scraps from the top of the box that I cut off, and we used a sheet of stickers I had on hand to add the number values and name on the box. I bought the three pink balls from the Dollar Store like a year ago and they’ve been sitting in my craft closet waiting for an activity.  🙂

Each turn the boys rolled all three balls down (one at a time) and we added up their score. For each game we did 10 turns (like bowling), and added up the total points to find the winner. This simple game was a HUGE hit with my boys! For preschoolers and Kindergartners you could use lower point values if you want them to get practice adding without assistance.


Who knew a diaper box could be so much fun?!!

Happy Crafting!

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