How to Draw An Octopus – A Step by Step Guide

Octopus Drawing in just 8 Easy Steps!

There are many weird and wonderful animals on our planet. Some almost look as if they could be aliens on earth, and that’s certainly the case with the octopus!

These incredible creatures look like they belong on a different planet than ours, and there are many different varieties of octopuses to further add to the unique looks they have.

Because they are so unusual looking, they have become quite popular and have people wanting to learn how to draw an octopus.

This step-by-step guide on how to draw an octopus will have you drawing one of these tentacled wonders in no time!how to draw octopus in 8 steps

How to Draw An Octopus – Let’s Get Started!

Step 1octopus drawing step 1

We will be starting this guide on how to draw an octopus by drawing a big, round head for the octopus.

To do this, you can draw a curved, rounded line for the top of the head as you can see in the reference image.

As you can also see, there should be a large gap at the bottom as we will be adding some tentacles there very soon.

Step 2 – Next, draw some tentaclesoctopus drawing step 2

One of the most notable aspects of an octopus is the tentacles it has, so we shall start drawing some in for the next few steps of your octopus drawing.

We will be drawing two tentacles on the left-hand side of the octopus for now. You can draw these using some curvy lines connecting to the bottom of the head.

Tentacles can move in all sorts of different directions so don’t be afraid to change up the positioning of them or make them even more bendy and twisty!

Step 3 – Now, draw in the facial detailsoctopus drawing step 3

You’ve drawn two tentacles now, so you shouldn’t have any issues with adding more in the next few steps of this guide on how to draw an octopus!

For this third step, we shall be adding two more connecting to the ones from the previous step.

You can make them look like the other ones, and again you could always change up the positioning of them if you prefer.

Step 4 – Next, draw two more tentaclesoctopus drawing step 4

You know what to do for this part! For this step of your octopus drawing, simply add two more tentacles as you’ve already been doing.

Just be sure to leave a small gap between the last tentacle and the right-hand side of the head, as we will fill that in for the next step.

Step 5 – Now, add the final tentacleoctopus drawing step 5

There’s only one more tentacle to go in this guide on how to draw an octopus! You can draw this final tentacle into the space that we left on the right-hand side of the head.

With this tentacle drawn, there shouldn’t be any spaces left between the tentacles and the head. Now all the tentacles are drawn, and we will move on to some different elements in the next step.

Step 6 – Next, draw a face for your octopusoctopus drawing step 6

We’ve been drawing a lot of tentacles in the previous few steps, so we shall move on to the face for a change of pace now!

The face is quite simple and made up of some fairly basic shapes. You can use two ovals for the eyes, and then use two smaller ovals inside each one for the pupils of the eyes.

Then, you can draw another oval for the mouth and then draw some lines around it for some extra detail.

Step 7 – Now, draw some final detailsoctopus drawing step 7

You’re almost ready to move on to the final coloring step of this guide on how to draw an octopus!

To finish off the details, simply draw some lines into the tentacles to create the bottom of the tentacles, then, use some dots or circles to create the little suction cups on the tentacles.

Once you’ve finished these details, you can also add any that you would like! You could draw an ocean background and even add some more ocean life around the octopus.

How will you finish off this picture before the final step?

Step 8 – Finish off your octopus drawing with some coloroctopus drawing step 8

For the final step of your octopus drawing, you can dive in with some coloring fun to really bring it to life!

An octopus can come in all manner of fantastic colors, so that gives you a lot of options when coloring in your octopus.

Did you know that some octopi can even change their color to create some camouflage for their environment?

This is an image where you should let your creativity run wild.

You could even use several different colors throughout the octopus, and that might even look like it’s changing its colors for camouflage like we mentioned!

You could also have some fun incorporating some creative art mediums

. If you don’t usually use certain mediums like acrylics and watercolor paints then it might be a good idea to use them for your octopus drawing!

Your Octopus Drawing is Complete!

You have successfully completed all 8 steps of our guide on how to draw an octopus! It may have seemed like it would be a difficult image to draw yet we hope that this guide showed you that it can be easier than you thought.

Drawing is always made easier when you have a guide to follow, so hopefully this guide was not only helpful but also lots of fun to use.

We’ve given you a guide to follow, but now you can take over and show us how creative you can be!

This is your drawing, so you should get creative with it and bring any extra touches that you want for it.

Whether you do this by drawing a background, adding some fish friends for it or by the colors you use, we know you’ll create an incredible picture!

The drawing fun doesn’t have to end here! We have lots of awesome step-by-step drawing guides like this one on our website for you to enjoy.

You’ll want to check in as often as you can, as we upload more guides frequently.

We’re very interested to see how you finish off your incredible octopus drawing, so please be sure to share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to enjoy!

We can’t wait to see your undersea to draw an octopus in 8 easy steps

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