Ninjago Shuriken Cupcakes

This Winter is kicking my butt!! My family has been plagued with sickness for weeks and my blog has been sadly neglected! In the midst of it all, I had two birthday boys this past week and threw together a Ninjago birthday party for them in about a weeks time. Of all the fun things we did, my most favorite was the Shuriken Cupcakes.
I saw the idea over at Lemon Squeezy Home and fell in love with them so I gave it a try. I piped my frosting on with a 1M tip and then put my white chocolate shuriken’s right on top. There is yellow food coloring added to the chocolate to give them the golden color.
The little holes in the shuriken’s were a perfect spot to poke in cupcake toppers so I made some from printables found at Craft Interrupted. 
The edible shuriken’s were a HUGE hit with all the kids! To find out how simple they are to make, check out Lemon Squeezy Home’s Tutorial.


Most of the ideas I used for my party all came from Craft Interrupted and Lemon Squeezy Home. If you are planning a Ninjago party soon, make sure to check out all their fun ideas!




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