New Year’s Gold Glitter Play Dough Invitation to Play

Like most children, my kids love play dough! It’s one of those activities that holds their attention all afternoon, not to mention that it’s a great sensory activity and one that sparks a child’s imagination and creativity. If you are on the look out for the perfect New Year’s Eve activity for kids I have the perfect thing! This New Year’s gold glitter play dough was a big hit with my kids. I combined the play dough in a tray with different colorful and sparkly items and numbers which made a great invitation for my children to play with the dough.




Start by using your favorite play dough recipe to make your dough. We love The Imagination Tree’s super soft recipe. We made our dough a teal color with 12 drops blue food coloring and 8 drops green food coloring, but you can make it whatever color you’d like. We also kneaded in tons of gold glitter to make it sparkly and to give it a New Year’s celebration feel.


I set up our tray (we used a simple veggie tray) with number cookie cutters to correspond with 2014. You will obviously need to update the year to reflect when you are doing this activity. We also included a rolling pin and some fun items we received from our friends at * We used their Star Plastic Beads, small sized Poms from their Assorted Mega Pack and some of their Assorted Spangle Sequin Mix. You can conveniently find their products at your local Wal-mart in the crafts sections.

*I received these items for free from but all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

After my kids rolled out some play dough and cut out their numbers with the cookie cutters they decorated them with items from the tray. It was a great opportunity to practice with the numbers 2, 0, 1 and 4 with my three year old.


We sat for a good long while just playing with the numbers and different items from the tray and just talking about what our favorite memories were from this year.



My six year old got really creative and made a hot rod out of his play dough. I just loved how he used all the items out of the tray to add things to his car, especially the fire coming out of the pipes at the back with the poms. I love seeing my kids get creative!



Does your family have any New Year’s traditions? I’m always on the look out for fun ideas, so leave a comment and tell me how you celebrate New Year’s Eve.



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