3D New Year’s Eve Craft for Kids

Looking for something awesome for the kids to make for New Year’s? If so, you are going to love this 3D New Year’s Eve Craft for kids. In this post learn how to make a super cool New Year’s Eve craft with our step-by-step tutorial and video.

There is so much to love about this colorful New Year’s Eve craft. First of all, the pipe cleaner fireworks popping off the page is out of this world awesome. Then the way the tall buildings come out at different intervals across the paper gives extra dimension to the craft. It’s a craft kids will love creating and proudly display at home.

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How to Make a 3D New Year’s Eve Craft

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  • dark blue cardstock
  • gray cardstock
  • black cardstock
  • yellow cardstock
  • sparkle pipe cleaners
  • star stickers
  • Glue Dots
  • scissors
  • extra strength glue stick


1. Begin by folding your dark blue cardstock in half. Trim a small section off the top and side of the card so the gray background of the card will show through the back of the card.

2. Make slits along the folded edge of the blue cardstock to create the pop-outs for the tall buildings of your New Year’s Eve craft. We made 10 cuts in total to have five buildings. Try to evenly space each of your slits across your paper and each two slits will need to be the same size.

3d new years craft a

3. Fold each of the cut sections down onto the card to create a crease. Open the blue cardstock up and push each of the sections up out of the paper so they are popping off the page. See the picture above.

4. Grab your gray sheet of cardstock and fold it in half.

5. Add glue on the back side of the blue cardstock, making sure to leave the pop-out sections with no glue on them.

3d new years eve craft b

6. Open your gray cardstock, line up the crease on the gray and blue cardstock pieces and glue the blue piece on top of the gray piece. The gray cardstock adds extra stability to your New Year’s Eve craft.

7. Cut another sheet of gray cardstock in half. Then fold that piece in half. Add glue to the top of the folded piece and glue it onto the back of your open card so it acts as a little stand for the back of the card. See the picture in the top right below.

3d new years craft c

Now it’s time to make the fireworks for your New Year’s Eve Craft

8. For each firework you will need two shimmery pipe cleaners. Bend each of the pipe cleaners around your finger to make it curly. Place the two pipe cleaners together, forming an X, and then wrap the pieces around each other to create an X.

We created three fireworks for our craft, all in different colors. You can design your craft however you choose.

9. Place a Glue Dot on the back of the firework, in the middle, and glue it onto the top of your craft. Glue all of your fireworks at the top of your craft.

3d new years eve craft d

10. Add star stickers around your fireworks at the top of your New Year’s Eve craft to look like a night sky.

Let’s make our tall buildings now

11. Cut out five black rectangles from your black cardstock paper for buildings. Then cut out small yellow squares from your yellow cardstock.

12. Glue yellow squares on each of your tall black buildings for lighted windows.

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13. Add glue to the bottom of each of the tall buildings and attach them to the pop-out sections of your blue cardstock.

Your 3D New Year’s Eve Craft is complete

The finished craft is stunning! The varying lengths of the slits makes each of the buildings stand out at a different place off the page giving fun dimension to the craft. The fireworks popping off the page also help give this fun New’s Years Eve craft a 3-dimensional feel to it.

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Display your craft up on a table, mantel or shelf for your New Year’s Eve celebration. For a fun twist, use a metallic Sharpie or white chalk marker and write “Happy New Year” at the bottom of your craft and give it to a friend or family member.

Video Tutorial: How to Make a 3D New Year’s Eve Craft

Watch the video below to be guided through each step of this 3D New Year’s Eve Craft. You can view more easy kids craft tutorials on our Facebook page, or right here on our website.


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