Merida and Rapunzel Disney Princess Spoon Dolls

I’ve joined together with several other bloggers in a challenge to create a Disney character craft out of household items found in the kitchen. Since I tend to always lean towards paper plates, paper bags and bottle caps, I decided to really challenge myself and come up with something different from my norm. My 4 year old daughter loves all of the Disney Princesses, especially Merida and Rapunzel, so I turned 2 wooden spoons into Merida and Rapunzel Spoon Dolls for my daughter to play with. They remind me of old times when toys were much simpler than they are now, and that makes me adore them tremendously. 

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Supplies you will need:


(The two dolls are made the same way with the exception of the hair, so I’m showing you the steps for Merida.)

1. Cut a dress out of your green felt. Make a small slit on each side of the dress at the waist line with your craft knife.

2.  Use your hot glue gun to run a line of glue along the back of your wooden spoon and then glue your dress onto your spoon. Thread a strand of gold ribbon through the slits in the dress and tie a bow (double-knot) at the back of the dress to hold it in place.

3. Use your hot glue gun to glue the three sections of the red curly bow onto the wooden spoon, starting at the top of the spoon and layering each one under the next.

4. Use your permanent markers to draw a face on your spoon doll. I used a chalk markerfor the white in the eyes. I am “clearly” not an artist, so feel free to laugh at my funny faces. I almost left the faces blank out of fear of having to attempt to draw a face. Hahaha!

Optional: Glue additional small pieces off gold ribbon to the front of the dress for accents.

For Rapunzel follow steps 1 and 2 above. For her hair, wrap yellow yarn back and around your hand and elbow until you have a bunch big enough to cover the back of the spoon. Use a small piece of yellow yarn and tie a knot around the hair hold it together. This little knot becomes the part in Rapunzel’s hair. Use your scissors to cut along the bottom of your bundle of yarn to make the yarn individual strands of hair.

Now, glue the hair onto your spoon with the knot at the top (towards the side for a part) and finish your doll with step 4 above.

Steps 1-3 are a little complex for small children to do themselves, but you can make the doll and then have your child draw on the face to complete it. Or for older children, they can cut out the dress, help wrap the yarn and draw faces on the dolls.

Here is a glimpse of what the dolls look like when in play. After I made the dolls, I thought how fun it would have been to attach velcro to the spoon and the back of the dress instead of using hot glue, and then make several dresses for my daughter to interchange her look. 


My daughter has played with the dolls every day since I made them and has already asked for me to make more Disney Princesses, so this was a definitely a huge hit and a win for me! We are thinking about making Belle next. What Disney Princess Spoon Doll would your daughter enjoy most?


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