Leaf Prints

I saw the most amazing leaf prints at Kleas last week and pinned it on Pinterest thinking that maybe some day I would come across a large leaf that I could replicate the idea with my children. We don’t have any large trees in our yard and I haven’t seen any in our neighborhood so I thought I was out of luck on finding any. Low and behold, a couple days later I drove a bit of a distance to visit a friend and as I was about to leave in the evening I looked up and saw a tree with large leaves in her front yard. Score!

The only problem….We got home after bedtime and I knew if I left the leaves out over night they would smooth out some and not give me the quality of print I wanted. This is the point that I realized I am totally obsessed with children’s crafts (lol!) as I insisted that it was totally ok for my children to stay up late for the sake of ART. (I know I have a problem, and yes I might even need a bit of counseling in this regard. hahaha)




Our leaf prints did not turn out nearly as beautiful as the ones I saw at Kleas, but I am still pleased with them. Now that I’ve done the project I have all sorts of ideas flowing through my brain of how I’m going to use this technique again in the future.

To make the leaf prints we simply added some paint to an old baking sheet, spread it around a bit, and then pressed the large leaf on top of the paint and onto our paper.

Happy Crafting!!

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