“I’m the Best Artist in the Ocean” with Craft

Remember when I made this cute little guy a couple months ago after reading “I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean”??? If you missed, I re-posted it the other day and you can read it HERE.


Well, we read another fun book in the series, “I’m the Best Artist in the Ocean” so he is currently sporting a new mustache…..

I simply cut it out of black felt to match the story and away we went reading the fun story with our puppet in hand.

After reading the story we decided to make our own masterpieces, on a whale of course (just like in the story). I started by drawing a whale on a piece of watercolor paper with black crayon.

Then the boys used a black crayon to draw pictures on their whale. We also drew some smaller fish around the whale just to add more to the picture.

We finished our creation by getting out the watercolors and painting our whale and fish. The boys loved how the crayon resisted the watercolors. We’ve never done this before (don’t know why) so they were pretty fascinated by it.


Their creations turned out lovely and they felt like artists!


Happy Crafting!!

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