How to Draw a Horse — Step by Step Guide

Complete horse drawing in just 9 easy steps!

Let’s admit it; we’ve all dreamt of owning a pet horse. Imagine having a company and a ride in one adorable pet—it must be fun! With a pet horse, you can go anywhere, anytime you want.

What if you can create your very own unique horse? It must be awesome being able to draw the horse’s majestic features and choose the colors to visualize your dream horse.

Fortunately, we have curated a step-by-step process on how to draw a horse, summarized in 9 simple and easy steps.

With the help of this comprehensive tutorial, you can make your wish of creating your one-of-a-kind dream horse come true!drawing a horse in 9 steps

Each step is accompanied with visual illustrations that can be used as guides as you follow the instructions.

Once you’re ready to get started, prepare a piece of paper and grab your favorite drawing tool so we can start drawing a horse together.

Don’t forget to grab your coloring materials as well so you can color your horse drawing and make it stand out more!

Have fun bringing your imaginary dream horse to life!

How to Draw a Horse — Let’s get started!

Step 1horse drawing - step 1

Starting on the upper left portion of your paper, draw the top of the head of the horse as well as its pair of ears. You can structure the top of its head by simply drawing thick clumps of mane.

When drawn correctly, it should look like an uneven zigzag line with only two sharp ends.

Afterwards, draw a tapered ear on each side of the mane we drew just now. See to it that the ears appear pointed and upright—it’s one of the key distinctions of a horse!

Here’s a useful tip: create reference lines to make sure that the horse will be drawn in the center of your paper. Draw an intersecting horizontal and vertical line across your paper to divide it into four square spaces. The space in the upper left corner is where you should start drawing.

Step 2 — Create an Outline of the Horse’s Headhorse drawing - step 2

Right underneath the figure we drew in the previous step, draw the horse’s entire head, encompassing its forehead, mouth, and jaw.

Don’t forget to put emphasis on the jaw and the snout because horses naturally have bony structure and brawny build.

Step 3 — Now, Draw the Thick Mane of the Horsehorse drawing - step 3

Using the hair at the top of the horse’s head that we drew in the first step, make the hair appear longer by extending the lines to create the healthy-looking mane.

Add tiny clumps of hair to add texture on the mane, making it look more natural!

Step 4 — Draw a Rough Sketch of the Horse’s Torsohorse drawing - step 4

Draw the body of the horse right underneath its head. When drawn correctly, the shape of its body should look like a thick sausage. Remember, horses typically have muscular, brawny built. So, make sure your drawing reflects that!

Avoid pressing down too hard with your pencil when sketching an outline. It is crucial to draw with light strokes to make it easier for you to get rid of unnecessary lines later on.

Step 5 — Afterwards, Draw the Horse’s Front Legshorse drawing - step 5

Draw parallel lines below the chest of the horse to form its front legs. Then, draw a slightly curved horizontal line at the bottom of the lines to create the heel and complete the shape of the legs.

Keep in mind that since the horse is facing sideways, the leg at the back should only be halfway visible.

Step 6 — Complete All Four Legs of the Horsehorse drawing - step 6

Continue by drawing the horse’s hind legs below its bottom back to finalize all four legs.

Step 7 — Next, Draw the Horse’s Long, Thick Tailhorse drawing - step 7

Draw a thick, fluffy tail attached to the buttocks of the horse.

The tail can be structured by simply drawing two converging curved lines with a pointed tip.

Step 8 — Add Patterns All Over the Horse’s Bodyhorse drawing - step 8

Draw a line on the horse’s head, creating a division between the head and the snout. Then, draw another line underneath the body of the horse, outlining its belly. Lastly, draw horizontal lines right above the heel of each leg.

These lines will later help you in determining where to place the colors. It can also be incredibly helpful especially if you’re planning to use more than one color on the horse’s fur coat to create a beautiful multi-colored horse!

Step 9 — Draw the Features on the Face of the Horsehorse drawing - step 9

Make your horse look happy by adding facial features! Start by drawing a standing oval shape to outline the eye.

Then, inside the eye, draw a tiny circle to highlight the iris. Complete the eyes by shading the entire eyes except for the small circle inside, creating a dramatic “gleaming eyes” effect.

To create the nose, simply draw a small shaded circle on the snout. It’s as simple as that!

As you can see, the horse drawing is complete at last! All it’s missing is a splash of colors to make your horse vibrant and colorful.

Now that we have successfully drawn a horse, it’s finally time for the most exciting part, which is choosing the colors and coloring your drawing!

Horses come in four primary colors: bay, brown, black, and chestnut. The other colors you see on the coat of a horse are basically a variation of these basic colors.

White horses, on the other hand, simply lack pigment on their coat. There are also horses with distinct patterns on their skin, thus they may have more than one color.

This gives you a wide range of color options to choose from when coloring the horse. Have fun playing with colors and watch as your dream horse ultimately comes to life!horse drawing 9 steps

Your Horse Drawing is Complete!

We hope you enjoy this step-by-step horse drawing tutorial. This guide is designed for beginners and experts alike who want to learn how to draw a horse so they can bring their imaginary dream horse to life! If you’re one of those people, you will surely have fun with this.

We are regularly updating our catalog of “how-to-draw” series and uploading new content, so make sure to keep re-visiting our website to enjoy brand-new drawing tutorials like this one.

What kind of animal would you like to draw next? Let us know!

Once you’ve successfully drawn a horse and colored it, we’re sure you must be feeling proud of yourself for finishing a masterpiece!

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We are looking forward to seeing your majestic horse drawing!how to draw a horse in 9 easy steps

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