The Cutest Framed Handprint Turkey Craft!

We created this Framed Handprint Turkey Craft as a sponsored post for Oriental Trading. The full details and instructions for the project can be found on their idea’s website at

I fondly remember making a handprint turkey craft back in the day when I was a child. It is one of those iconic Thanksgiving crafts that all kids need to enjoy making at least once in their lifetime. We added a twist to the traditional handprint turkey craft by housing it in a cute Thanksgiving themed frame. Your kids are going to love this cute version!

Framed Handprint Turkey Craft for Kids

We are sharing the step-by-step tutorial of this adorable Thanksgiving craft over at The craft only requires a few supplies, all of which you can find over at Oriental Trading. That makes this Thanksgiving craft super easy to prep for.

Set out the supplies at a craft table or kids table on Thanksgiving and kids will have a blast making their handprint turkey craft and darling Thanksgiving frame. The frame has magnets on the back so the craft can hang on the fridge for some festive Thanksgiving decor.

These Thanksgiving themed stickers from Oriental Trading are my favorite addition to the traditional handprint turkey craft. Not only are they adorable with the fall and Thanksgiving theme on the stickers but little hands can easily peel the sticker right off the backing and place them all over their frame.

Head over to Fun365 for the full step-by-step tutorial and links to where you can purchase all of the supplies over at Oriental Trading.

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