Grandparent’s Day Craft

Since Grandparent’s Day is this Sunday I thought I’d share what we created for the special Grandparents in our life. I was browsing for some ideas for simple crafts and came across this cute Grandparent Award Craft at Busy Bee Kids Crafts. I decided it was just perfect to let the Grandparent’s know how special we think they are. Here is how they turned out:

DSC 5858

I changed quite a few things on my rendition of the craft so I’ll go ahead and tell you how I made mine. We started by painting the bottom of 2 small paper plates with gold paint (the side you don’t eat on). Ours had to be mailed since we don’t live near Grandparent’s so I thought using the large paper plates were just too big to mail. I also wanted to mention that we used gold tempera paint but if I could rewind I would have used acrylic paint instead. The tempera paint has so much more water in it so it took like 3 good coats for it to be coated.

DSC 5862

After the gold paint was dry, we used small letter stamps to stamp on “1 GRANDMA” on one of the plates. I didn’t have a # stamp so I just hand wrote those on with a black marker. Then the kids had fun gluing on pretty jewels all over the award to give it some bling. Ha!

DSC 5865

On the second plate we wrote a simple message and both the boys signed it. We also decided to add a magnet on the back of our medal so that our Grandparents could display them proudly on their fridge. I was very fortunate to receive a “Rainy Day Survival Kit” in the mail for free from which included a package of these magnetic buttons. LOVE these magnets and have even bigger plans to use the rest of them. You can purchase them at your local Wal-Mart.

DSC 5868

Then I cut two strips of 1.5″ blue paper to create the ribbon. We cut a triangle at the bottom to finish off the ribbon. We decided to use the same stapling technique that I used in my sea turtle craft by simply stapling the ribbons between the two plates and then adding a couple more staples around the plates to hold them together. This way, if they get a little bunched in the mail, you can simply put your finger in the hole on the edge and push the plate back to its proper form. (get it?)

DSC 5869

They look pretty snazzy on the fridge! Now our Grandparents will know that we proudly think they are #1!

Happy Crafting!!

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