Glow in the Dark Power Balls (Giveaway)


These Glow in the Dark Power Balls might possibly be the coolest invention for a kid ever. Seriously…they are cool!
When asked me to try out one of their kits and I saw this one on the list, my heart pretty much skipped a beat. I knew my boys would be ALL OVER IT!! I secretly hid the kit in my craft closet without my kids knowing about it until we had an opportunity to try it out and when I put it out on the table, my boys flipped out! They were sooooo excited!
My preschooler patiently waiting for one of his Power Balls to form.
Let me tell you what I liked best about this kit:
1- The kit makes 21 balls…Yep 21! This means it’s not just a one time project. We only used about half of the kit our first go around, so that means when my kids lose all of their balls in the house from bouncing them endlessly, they get to make more! Sweet!!
2- Not only are the colors vibrant in the kit, but there are lots to choose from. That makes the possibilities for different color combinations endless. Each ball turns out so unique and beautiful in it’s own way and I love that! I helped my 2yr old make one and the colors ended up getting mixed together a lot in the ball. It still turned out fantastic!

3- The kit comes with both a hexagon shaped mold and a round shaped mold. While my boys preferred the traditional round shape, I loved that the kit came with variety.

4- After reading the instructions to my boys, ages 6 and 8, and assisting them through their first ball, they were able to make the rest of their balls by themselves. That meant I could actually get the dishes done while they were still having fun in the same room.


Now what did my kids like best about the Power Balls? They unanimously said, “They glow in the dark!” We made these balls several days ago and they are still loving them and bouncing them around the house! I definitely give this kit 2 thumbs up!!
Do you have kids who would love making their own Power Balls? has generously agreed to give away one kit to one of my readers. To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter Form below. There are only 2 entry possibilities, so I made it really simple.  :)**We received our Glow in the Dark Power Balls Kit free of charge from, but all opinions expressed in this post are our own.

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