Family Faith Lessons with the Buddy Box Program

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When I started homeschooling my kids this year I knew I wanted to include faith based learning in our curriculum. Being your child’s school teacher isn’t always easy. Sometimes there is resistance, sometimes I lose my patience, sometimes I just want a break and I can’t have one. Besides the fact that I loved the idea of teaching my children about the bible and values at home, I really felt like faith based learning was an area that could help our relationship grow and bring us closer together as a family amidst those hard days of homeschooling. I was ecstatic when I learned about the Buddy Box Program. We received our first Buddy Box in the mail a few weeks ago and I’m excited to share with you today how much we have enjoyed it and how it has been the perfect platform for including faith based learning in our home.



So what exactly is the Buddy Box Program? 

Buddy Box is a monthly care package for kids’ faith that helps to get them excited about growing their relationship and learning about their best buddy of all—Jesus! It’s filled with activities and surprises that help kids to see that God’s love is real, relevant and fun. It’s a perfect tool for parents to make teaching about Jesus at home easy and fun, and best of all, a new box comes delivered to your doorstep every month!


When I opened up the box I was immediately impressed with the amount of activities included. They put quite a lot of thought into making a variety of activities to keep the theme fun and engaging all month long. They even included a science activity in the box! This month’s box was all about Pat the

Bat and fear (fitting for Halloween) and how God can comfort us and take away our fears.


Let’s take a look at a few of the activities from the Buddy Box.

One of my children’s favorite was the teeth-chattering fear game. Kids take turns winding up the teeth and watching them chatter along and land on a space on the fear poster. After reciting the fear out loud, we took time to talk about it as a family and remind each other that we should fear not for God is with us. Some of the scenarios on the board we related to first hand in our family so it was great to openly discuss them together.

My kids’ absolute favorite activity from the box was using the erasable marker. We all took turns writing down our fears with the special marker on a paper towel. Then we said a prayer together asking God to help and comfort us and take away our fears. My children were amazed when they sprayed their paper towel with a squirt of water and miraculously their fears written on the paper towel vanished. I loved how it showed how powerful God can be.

We also enjoyed how the box included treat bags that could be colored, filled with treats and given to our friends and neighbors. Such a fun way to include children in fellowshipping!

Buddy Box also has an app to download and each box comes with a special card you can scan within the app to watch a fun video. We enjoyed learning a little bit about bats. There is also a card with instructions on how to download some music to enjoy with your children all month long.


In addition to the variety of activities, the box also includes some extra fun surprises like these Flight Takes Flight slap bracelets. They are perfect for wearing on Halloween night. There was also a rubber chicken that my kids can’t get enough of, stickers and a barrel of slime. My kids played with the slime non-stop for several days.


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The Buddy Box Program is exactly what I was looking for in making faith based learning fun and engaging for my children at home. My children have already asked me what the theme is for next month and can’t wait to get started on it. I don’t want my children to forget the important lessons we learned this month so I created a printable for them of the scripture theme for the month. They can be framed and placed on your child’s nightstand or dresser as a reminder each day, or even hung on the fridge.

Click on the images to download them. I printed out the top one and my kids had fun coloring in the letters before hanging it on the fridge. This one below I printed out and have in a frame on their dresser for them to see every day.


To learn more about the Buddy Box Program, follow Buddy Box on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or visit their website.


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