Earth Day Craft with Writing Prompt

Since Earth Day is coming up in a couple weeks we decided to make a craft for the occasion. We started out just making the ever popular Earth coffee filter craft but then one thing led to another and when we were finished we had a pretty cool Earth from space art display with a writing prompt attached to it.

If you haven’t made an Earth coffee filter yet, they are soooo simple and fun! Have your child use a green marker to scribble areas of land on a coffee filter and then fill in the rest of the filter with blue ocean scribbles.

Then use a squirt bottle to spray the coffee filter with water. The colors blend and fill the entire coffee filter.

While our Earth was drying outside we started talking about what color paper to glue it on to. My son suggested we put it on black paper and spray stars on it just like we did in our Out of this World Craft (pictured in my header). I thought the coffee filter was too big for a single sheet of card stock paper so I ended up gluing another piece of card stock to it to make it bigger. Not sure if it was necessary, but we like it. To make the stars, dilute white paint in a spray bottle and lightly spray a couple sprays onto your paper.

After we glued the Earth to our starry paper, it was beautiful, but we wanted to do more. I folded up a paper lunch sack and cut out some paper dolls holding hands to glue onto the Earth. We also looked through an old magazine and found a page with lots of red on it and cut out a little heart to add to the middle of the people. So cute right?!!  🙂   I also wanted to use some recyclable materials in our craft so the paper sack and magazine worked perfectly!

Since we had just finished reading about how we can help our Earth I got out some writing paper and the boys wrote how they could help the Earth.

These would look so beautiful hung up on display in a classroom!

I’ll be sharing one more Earth Day Craft tomorrow so make sure you stop by!

Happy Earth Day!

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