Cupcake Liner Rainbow Craft

We are getting anxious for Spring around my house. This past week Mother Nature has been fooling us with lots and lots of rain instead of snow which is unheard of in Utah in the middle of February. Totally not complaining, I’ve loved it! We saw a rainbow the other day and decided to get our Spring craft on by making a Cupcake Liner Rainbow Craft. This is a simple project that even toddlers will enjoy taking part in and the vibrancy of the colors makes it such a lovely work of art.

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Supplies you will need:

(No picture tutorial on this one, sorry, but it’s pretty self-explanatory.)
1. Press your red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple cupcake liners out flat and then cut them in half. You will only need half of a cupcake liner of each color per rainbow. Use the half circle line guide on the purple cupcake liner and cut out a half circle shape on the straight-edge bottom of the cupcake liner. (See picture below for example)

2. Put glue on the back of your red cupcake liner and place it on your blue cardstock paper. Make sure to place it on the upper portion of the paper to leave room for the layering of all the colors. Toddlers may need help with placement or just let them place the different colors all over the paper wherever they choose for a unique rainbow scene.


3. Put glue on the back of your orange cupcake liner and place it under your red cupcake liner, allowing about half of the red cupcake liner to show above. Continue this process with the rest of the colors, finishing with the purple.


4. Flatten out your white mini cupcake liners, put glue on the back of them and place them around your rainbow to act as clouds.



I love the ribbed texture on the liners. It gives so much texture to the artwork. Some of the edges of the liners kind of popped off the page a little but I think that gave it a 2-D appearance and made me love the overall look even more. Now we are even more anxious for Spring to arrive!


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