Crystallizing Watercolors {150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids Book Review}

Fun at Home with Kids has been my go-to site for quite a while now whenever I’m looking to do a sensory activity with my kids. Asia’s ideas are amazing! When I was given the chance to review her new book 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids, I was smitten with excitement. 

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. See my full Disclosure policy here. I was also sent a copy of 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids by the publisher in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

I would like to start by saying…You Guys!! This book ROCKS! When we received the book in the mail my daughter instantly claimed it as her own and I kid you not, she looks through it every single day. She has in fact exclaimed “Ooooh Mommy, lets do that!” on practically every page in the book.


I already knew I was going to love this book before I even had my hands on it but it surpasses my expectations. I love the fact that if I want to make play dough or slime or create a sensory experience for my kids, I have the book right at my fingertips full of different recipes and ideas. Asia offers variations of the different recipes, plus tips and troubleshooting tabs throughout the book to help you with the activity. 

The instructions in the book are so easy to follow. Inside you will find doughs, slimes, paints, small worlds, simple sensory activities and DIY toys. The photographs in the book sell each activity all on their own (no surprise if you follow Asia’s blog) and your children will swoon over every page just as my daughter has.

This is the type of book that will be in your hands more than it will ever be on your bookshelf!


After looking through the book you will find that it’s hard to choose which activity you want to try first because they are all so awesome. I know this because we’ve already done not one but three of the activities! 

Crystallizing Watercolors

There were so many top contenders, but ultimately we decided to try out Crystallizing Watercolors as our first activity. My daughter helped me measure and mix all the ingredients together, making several different colors, and then I set her loose painting her paper with the watercolors. We made sure to follow Asia’s tips to achieve the best results.

We set our papers aside to start drying and after 20 minutes we took a peek and could not believe the magic before our eyes! Tiny crystals were already forming all over our papers. We were so expressive about our excitement that before I knew it the entire family was sitting around our dinner table staring at the crystals forming in wonderment (seriously!). It really was a magical experience all thanks to Asia’s awesome recipe!

When the papers are fully dried you will find that in places where the paper was more saturated with paint the crystals became very large. This was a pleasant surprise to us when we woke up the next morning and looked at our papers. It’s absolutely stunning!

Fizzing Ocean World

We have also tried out the Fizzing Ocean World in the book. We put our own literacy spin on the activity for my daughter to get some practice with her alphabet.

My daughter still raves about how fun this activity was. In fact, when we are at the grocery store she frequently asks me if we have vinegar at home or if we need to buy some so we can do that fizzy activity again.


150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids is available world wide! You can purchase your copy at any of the stores below:

  Amazon US

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Amazon CA 

Barnes and Noble

From your local US bookstore

Book Depository

Fishpond AU

This book would make a fantastic gift to anyone with children. Make sure to grab a copy for your child’s teacher, daycare provider, relatives and all your friends!

I love this idea of using the book in a gift as a DIY Sensory Kit! What parent or educator wouldn’t love to get this as a gift?!

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