How to Draw A Christmas Tree – A Step by Step Guide

Christmas Tree Drawing in just 8 Easy Steps!

Christmas is a wonderful time of year for many reasons. There are presents, warm times with family, great food and lots of bright and happy colors.

Perhaps the most iconic symbol of Christmas time is the Christmas Tree, with its distinctive look and beautiful decorations.

Whether Christmas is coming up or you feel like showing some Christmas spirit another time of year, you may be in the mood to learn how to draw a Christmas Tree.

If so, you’re definitely in the right place with this guide!

We created this step-by-step guide on how to draw a Christmas Tree in just 8 easy steps to make learning how to draw a Christmas Tree easier than ever!how to draw christmas tree in 8 steps

How to Draw a Christmas Tree – Let’s get Started!

Step 1christmas tree drawing step 1

To start off your Christmas Tree drawing, we will begin with the tip of the tree. We won’t be adding in any decorations or details quite yet at this point.

To start with, you can draw what will look a bit like a curved triangle with a bottom that curves inward.

The reference image is there to guide you, so if you follow the look of the picture the tip of your tree will be finished in no time!

Step 2 – Draw in the next section of the treechristmas tree drawing step 2

For this next step, we will draw in the middle section of your Christmas Tree drawing. You will essentially be drawing something similar to the first step, but much longer this time.

You will be drawing in two sections of the tree under the tip, and the reference image will give you an idea of the length you’ll want these sections to be.

Step 3 – Next, draw in more of the treechristmas tree drawing step 3

The next step in this guide on how to draw a Christmas Tree will have you drawing in two more sections of the tree.

The first section will be quite long, as the tree will be extending outwards. The final section will be much shorter but still extending outwards.

Once again, the reference image will be a great guide to how these final sections should look.

Step 4 – Now draw in the bottom of the tree and trunkchristmas tree drawing step 4

For step 4 of our guide on how to draw a Christmas Tree, we will be adding in the bottom of the Christmas Tree.

To do this, you can draw in a curved, jagged line connecting two bottoms of both sides of the tree. It should curve downwards a bit as you can see in the picture.

Once you’re happy with how that looks, you can then add in two lines with curves at the end for the trunk of your Christmas Tree. it’s really beginning to take shape now!

Step 5 – Next you will be adding in some small detailschristmas tree drawing step 5

The main part of your Christmas Tree drawing is finished now, so for the next few steps we will be adding in some details to finish it off!

The details in this step will be small and subtle, as we will be adding in some small jagged lines inside the tree to make it seem like the tree has some depth.

Step 6 – Next you will be adding more detailschristmas tree drawing step 6

Every Christmas Tree needs a beautiful ornament on top to finish it off, so we will be adding a star in this next step.

For this element, you could draw in a star like the one we see in the reference image, but if you have a favorite tree topping ornament you could draw that in instead!

Once you have your tree topper drawn in, we will be adding some lines to the trunk of the Christmas Tree to give it a more wood-like appearance.

Step 7 – Now draw in the decorationschristmas tree drawing step 7

Step number 7 should be a lot of fun because we’ll be drawing in some fun decorations onto your Christmas Tree drawing!

We’ve shown one way you could make the decorations look in this picture, but this is a step where you can really get creative.

You could draw in your favorite ornaments and even add in details like tinsel. Maybe you could decorate it to look like the last Christmas tree you had in your house.

Once you’re happy with the decorations, you can add in any final details you think your Christmas tree drawing could use to make it look really pretty!

Step 8 – Now finish it off with some colorchristmas tree drawing step 8

Your wonderful Christmas tree drawing is almost complete, and all it needs is some beautiful colors to finish it off!

Christmas is one of the most colorful holidays we have, so you should really let your creativity and imagination run wild as you color in your Christmas tree drawing.

You could also try out some fun art mediums to really bring your drawing to life. Using mediums such as acrylic paints can bring some wonderfully bright, whereas you can get a pretty, softer look using watercolors.

Using other mediums like colored pens and pencils can also be great for adding some smaller colorful touches to your drawing.

This picture is sure to look even more incredible once it’s colored in, so we can’t wait to see how you finish off your Christmas tree drawing!

Your Christmas tree Drawing is Complete!

When you set out to learn how to draw a Christmas tree, it probably seemed like it would be difficult to learn.

We hope that our step-by-step guide on how to draw a Christmas tree made it fun and easy for you to learn!

Like with any drawing challenge, it can be made so much easier when broken down into several smaller steps, so that’s what we aimed to do for this guide.

Once you’ve finished drawing your Christmas tree picture, we hope you’ll have just as much fun coloring it in!

We also hope that you’ll add in some of your favorite Christmas tree decorations by drawing them in.

Once you have drawn and colored your Christmas tree, we would love it if you would share your festive artworks yo our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to admire!

We always love to see your amazing artworks and can’t wait to see some beautiful, colorful Christmas to draw a christmas tree in 8 easy steps

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