How to Draw A Cherry Blossom Tree – A Step by Step Guide

Cherry Blossom Tree Drawing in just 7 Easy Steps!

Nature is full of many different beautiful trees, plants and flowers. The cherry blossom tree is one of the most beautiful of them all.

With their unique structure and beautiful pink flowers, these trees have become an iconic tree for Japan, which is where they originate from.

Their beauty can also make it lots of fun to learn how to draw a cherry blossom tree.

While they have a fairly complex look to them, by the end of this guide you will see how easy it can be!

This step-by-step guide on how to draw a cherry blossom tree will have you recreating this amazing tree in no time!how to draw a cherry blossom tree in 7 steps

How to Draw A Cherry Blossom Tree – Let’s Get Started!

Step 1drawing a cherry blossom tree step 1

The best way to make your life easier when drawing is to plan it out properly beforehand. For this reason, we will be drawing some pencil outlines in this step of our guide on how to draw a cherry blossom tree.

Using the reference image as your guide, you can use your pencil to draw the twisty trunk and branches of the cherry blossom tree.

Then, you can draw some irregular round shapes on the branches, as these will guide you when you start drawing individual flowers later on.

Once you’re happy with these pencil guides, you can use your pen to start drawing over some of the branches and also the outlines of the clumps of flowers, as shown in our reference image.

Step 2 – Next, draw some details for the flowers on the treesdrawing a cherry blossom tree step 2

You can start to add some details in this part of your cherry blossom tree drawing. To do this, you can add some round little shapes within the flower outlines that you drew in the previous step.

You can also go over some of the pencil lines of the branches in this step to start building them up.

Step 3 – Now, draw some more of the flowers on the treedrawing a cherry blossom tree step 3

This step of our guide on how to draw a cherry blossom tree will have you continuing to add some pen details to the branches and flowers.

For this part, we will be adding some details to the top bunch of flowers on the tree.

As with the other ones, you will be drawing lots of small, rounded shapes within the outline of the flowers as a whole.

You can also draw some thin branches poking out to add to the detail even more.

Step 4 – Keep adding some details to the flowers of the treedrawing a cherry blossom tree step 4

We will continue going over the pencil outlines with your pen for this part of your cherry blossom tree drawing.

You can add more details to the next clump of flowers as you did in the previous few steps. As you can see in our reference image, you can also keep adding some lines over the branches.

Step 5 – Finish off the details for the flowers and branches in this stepdrawing a cherry blossom tree step 5

For this step of our guide on how to draw a cherry blossom tree you will continue with what you have been doing for the previous few steps.

That means that you will be finishing off the outline of the final branches and flower clumps. You can also finish off the lines for the trunk and the roots of the tree.

Once you have all the outlines drawn, we can move on to some final details in the next step.

Step 6 – Now, finish the final details and erase the pencil linesdrawing a cherry blossom tree step 6

It’s almost time to add some beautiful colors to your cherry blossom tree drawing, but before you do there are some final details to add first.

You can start by adding even more flower shapes into the flower clumps on the branches. This will add a lot of depth to the flowers which will be the star of this drawing!

Then, you can add some wavy lines throughout the branches and trunk of the tree to make it look more wooden.

You can then draw some small shapes coming down from the branches to make it look like petals are floating down.

Once you have all the final details drawn, you can then erase all of the pencil lines from the first step, as you won’t be needing them anymore.

Before you move on to the final step, you can also add some details of your own. Maybe you could draw a pretty background for the image to really finish it off!

Step 7 – Finish off your cherry blossom tree drawing with some colordrawing a cherry blossom tree step 7

This final step of this guide on how to draw a cherry blossom tree will be all about adding some beautiful colors to it to really bring it to life!

Cherry blossom trees are well known for their pretty pink coloring, and that is what we went for in our reference image example.

Even though the tree has a very specific color scheme, you can also change it up by using some different art mediums and tools.

For a picture like this, it is always well suited to a softer medium such as watercolor paints and colored pencils for a more muted, classic look to the image.

It will also look great if you use more vibrant mediums, so what do you think you will use to finish it off?

5 Tips To Make Your Cherry Blossom Tree Drawing Even Better!

Create an even more beautiful cherry blossom tree drawing with these fun, easy tips!

We added a few small details such as falling petals to this cherry blossom tree sketch, but you could add even more!

Adding more of these pretty petals falling would be a great way to make this scene even more atmospheric.

These are just one example of smaller details you could add to make the picture even better! How many falling petals do you think would suit this drawing?

Smaller details can be great, but you could also go with some bigger additions. One idea would be to draw a background for this drawing of a cherry blossom tree.

You would have many options if you chose to do this! For instance, you could create a cherry blossom forest.

Or maybe you could draw a family relaxing under the tree. What other scenes do you think you could create here?

This tree is often used in art to create a calming mood, and you could go for that feeling as well. For one idea, you could find a poem or write some words around the tree that speak about calm and serenity.

You could try out all kinds of beautiful fonts if you wanted to add some text to your cherry blossom tree sketch.

When it comes to creating cherry blossom tree portrayals, watercolor paints are a common medium. You could use this medium for your own version!

This medium creates a lovely soft look for the picture, and it would give your cherry blossom tree drawing a classic feel. This is just one way to color it in, however.

You could use any mediums you love to bring this scene to life!

If there are other tree types that you like, then you could add them to this picture. They don’t even have to be related to the cherry blossom tree, as any trees you add will look amazing!

If you want to try this tip, then you can look up pictures of the trees online to help you draw them

Your Cherry Blossom Tree Drawing is Complete!

We hope that you really enjoyed this guide on how to draw a cherry blossom tree!

When you first saw the image that you would be drawing it may have looked intimidating, but our goal with this guide was to show you how easy and fun it can be!

Now that you have completed the drawing and colored it in, you can keep adding your own details and elements to it.

Whether you change up the details, add a background or play around with art mediums we know it will look fantastic!

Our website is full of new drawing guides for you to enjoy! We upload new ones all the time as well, so visiting the website often is the best way to never miss out.

We would love to see your completed cherry blossom tree drawing, so please be sure to share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to enjoy!

Here Is A Lovely Cherry Blossom Tree Drawing To Inspire You!cartoon cherry blossom tree drawing

Cherry blossoms are truly beautiful to behold in real life, so it’s no wonder why so many people love to learn how to draw them.

To help you with your drawing, we have this example by our artist Amanda.

She created this lovely cherry blossom tree drawing for kids so that you can use it to help make your own drawing more fun and easy. You will see that she made the blossoms really big on the tree.

It makes for a more stylistic approach, but it ensures that you can see the cherry blossoms themselves more easily.

This approach helps to capture the feeling and presence of a cherry blossom tree really nicely.

You could change up the design to have smaller blossoms if you wanted a more realistic take on this iconic tree, though!how to draw a cherry blossom tree in 7 easy steps


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