How to Draw A Cartoon Snail – A Step by Step Guide

Cartoon Snail Drawing in just 6 Easy Steps!

Snails are some interesting little creatures that come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Their appearances may vary, but one thing is common with them all: they are never in a hurry to get anywhere!

They are all known for moving very slowly, but there is a lot more to them than just that one aspect.

In this guide on how to draw a cartoon snail, we will show that snails can have a fun side to them as well!

We have a really fun and creative interpretation of a snail for you to work on, and we’re sure you will have a great time!

This step-by-step guide on how to draw a cartoon snail in 6 fun and easy steps will show you just how fun and easy it can to draw a cartoon snail in 6 steps

How to Draw A Cartoon Snail – Let’s get Started!

Step 1how to draw a cartoon snail step 1

We have a really fun design in store for you in this guide on how to draw a cartoon snail! For this first step, we will begin with the most notable aspect of a snail’s head, its eyes.

Each eye is at the end of a thin stalk, and while they are exaggerated in this design real snails also have eyes like these!

Each eye will be drawn in an oval shape, and there will be an eyelid dropping down over the top of each one.

Then, there will be a circle inside of each one, and then there will be another black circle inside each of these.

Finally, finish off this step by drawing those thin stalks we mentioned earlier coming down from under the eyes.

Step 2 – Draw some more of his facehow to draw a cartoon snail step 2

For this second step of your cartoon snail, we will draw more of the head and face of this snail.

First, we will extend his face further down by drawing a slightly curved line coming down from the eye stalk on the left. This will then turn into a curved mouth that is forming a big smile!

We will then add a row of curved teeth with other details such as a tongue inside as well. Finally, draw some more of the snail’s neck coming down, and we will move on.

Step 3 – Now, draw some more of the bodyhow to draw a cartoon snail step 3

Now we will keep adding to this snail’s body as we move to the third step. The chest for the snail will be drawn with a rounded, angular point bending to the right.

This will then turn into a curved, wavy line for the base of the body. Finally, there will be a thin, pointy tail section at the end of the base of the body.

There will be an empty space at the back of the snail, but we will fill that in soon as we move on to the next steps!

Step 4 – Finish off the outline of the bodyhow to draw a cartoon snail step 4

It’s time to finish off the outline of your cartoon snail drawing in this step! It would just be a slug if not for its shell, so we will add one in this step.

The shell has a rounded outline, and this extends inwards into a spiral shape. We will also add some smaller curved lines inside of this outline for some added texture.

In the next step of the guide, we will add even more details to make this shell look even better, so let’s move on to step 5!

Step 5 – Now, you can add the final details for this cartoon snailhow to draw a cartoon snail step 5

We will add some color to this drawing in the final step of our guide on how to draw a cartoon snail, but first we will add some final details to make it look even better!

As you can see in the example image we provided, we added some minor curved line details to every section of the snail, and this includes the eyes, shell and body.

You could also add some more details of your own of you want even more texture detail on it, and there is more you could add as well.

It can be lots of fun to design and draw a background, and you could get very creative with the kinds of settings you could put this snail in.

This is a step where you can really show off how creative you can be!

It’s all up to you now, so how will you finish off this wonderful drawing?

Step 6 – Finish off your drawing with some colorhow to draw a cartoon snail step 6

Your cartoon snail is already looking great, but we will make it look even better in this final step as we finish off with some coloring fun!

In our reference image, we showed you just one set of colors you could choose for this snail. We used shades of green for the body and eyelids of the snail, and then we used some light browns for the shell.

Are you thinking of using similar colors to the ones we chose, or will you go for some unique color choices when coloring your own one?

There are so many incredible colors and art mediums you could use for this drawing, and we can’t wait to see what you choose!

5 Tips To Make Your Cartoon Snail Drawing Even Better!

Take it slow for some drawing fun as we make your cartoon snail sketch even better!

The drawing of a cartoon snail that we created in this guide looks great just as it is. You could make it look even better by adding a buddy for the snail!

One way you could easily do this would be to mirror the images in our guide and create a second snail that is facing the opposite direction to the first one.

Adding another snail would be one idea to try, but you could also add other small creatures to hang out with this snail. These could include insects or maybe even small mammals like mice.

That is just a very small selection of ideas, but you could get really creative with it! What other small creatures could you add?

This fun cartoon snail design looks like it could be in the middle of saying something. You could show what you think it could be saying by adding a speech bubble above its head.

It could be a funny joke or maybe some kind of catchphrase. There are many possibilities, so what do you think this snail could be saying?

You could make this cartoon snail drawing have more of a sense of place by adding a background. Snails can be found in all sorts of weird places, so you would have many options.

Remember that snails are rather small, so any objects around them would look much larger from their perspective, even if they would seem small to us.

What kinds of background settings could you use for this snail?

Snails are known to leave a trail behind them as they move about, and you could represent this trail using some art mediums. Often, these trails will glisten in the sun, and you could show this.

One way would be to use a trail of paint behind the snail and then use a light layer of glitter over the trail to make it look a little bit sparkly.

Your Cartoon Snail Drawing is Complete!

You have completed all 6 steps of this guide on how to draw a cartoon snail, and what an incredible picture you’ve ended up with!

Despite having a cartoon style, this drawing still packed in some great details and tricky drawing challenges, so we hope these steps made it fun and easy for you to accomplish.

In the guide, we mentioned some ideas such as adding a background or some unique color choices as a few ideas for how you could finish off this drawing.

Do you think you will go for these ideas and add some of your own?

If you had a great time drawing this snail, you can find your next drawing guide to enjoy on our website!

We have guides covering many more animals, objects and other subjects, so we can’t wait to see you there!

We also hope you will share your finished cartoon snail drawing on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to enjoy. We can’t wait to see how it turned out!how to draw a cartoon snail


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