How to Draw A Cartoon Light Bulb – A Step by Step Guide

Cartoon Light Bulb Drawing in just 8 Easy Steps!

Many years ago, if you wanted to throw some light on the subject you would need to light a candle or simply go out into the sunshine.

This all changed with the invention of the light bulb, as they provided a way for there to be a convenient source of light at the flick of a switch.

We may not think about them much, but light bulbs are an important part of our lives, and that’s why we have this guide on how to draw a cartoon light bulb!

The steps in this guide are here to show you how you can recreate this fun light bulb design in a way that will be easy and a lot of fun!

So let’s get ready to flip the switch on this step-by-step guide on how to draw a cartoon light bulb in just 8 easy steps!how to draw a cartoon Light Bulb in 6 steps

How to Draw A Cartoon Light Bulb – Let’s get Started!

Step 1how to draw a cartoon Light Bulb step 1

To begin this guide on how to draw a cartoon light bulb, we will first begin with the bulb itself. This is drawn with a rather simple line, but it can still be a bit tricky to get right!

We want the bulb to be smooth and rounded to look like a real one, and so it can require a bit of a steady hand.

If you’re struggling to get it looking completely smooth and round, you could slowly draw with a pencil and then go over with your pen. Once the bulb is complete, we can then move on to step 2!

Step 2 – Next, start drawing the screw-in portionhow to draw a cartoon Light Bulb step 2

Like many light bulbs, this is one that you can screw into the socket, and we will start drawing the screw-in portion in this second step.

You can start this simply by drawing a slightly curved line that extends inwards at the ends, as shown in our reference image.

This will be the top of the screw-in part of the light bulb, and we will add some more to it as we proceed to further steps.

Step 3 – Now, draw the next section of the screw portionhow to draw a cartoon Light Bulb step 3

In this part of your cartoon light bulb drawing, we will add another portion to the screw-in part of the bulb.

To do this, we will essentially be replicating what we did in the previous step of the guide. That means drawing an identical curved line that moves inwards at the ends.

It will go directly beneath the previous one, and then we can move to step 4!

Step 4 – Next, draw some more of the screw sectionhow to draw a cartoon Light Bulb step 4

Now we can draw the final section of the screw portion, but this time there will be a bit of a difference.

This will be the final section of this kind for the screw section of the bulb, so this time we will close off the section by drawing a curved line underneath it.

This is the end of this part of the screw, but we’re not done with this part of the bulb yet! You’ll see what we mean in the next step of the guide.

Step 5 – Now, draw the final detail for the screwhow to draw a cartoon Light Bulb step 5

In the previous step of our guide on how to draw a cartoon light bulb, we mentioned that there was one last part to draw for the screw portion of the light bulb.

That is what we will be adding in this fifth step. Luckily, this should be a rather easy one to do!

To add this final portion, all you need to do is add one more curved line beneath the twisty section of the screw that you have been drawing.

That’s really all there is to it, and then you’re ready for step 6.

Step 6 – Next, draw some eyes for the bulbhow to draw a cartoon Light Bulb step 6

This isn’t just any light bulb we’re drawing here, as this one has a fun face on it! We will start drawing that face in this step of the guide, and we will begin with the eyes.

Start by drawing a large, vertical oval shape, and then attach another one of similar size to it. Then, add a smaller oval inside each eye, and then add a solid black pupil inside each of these ovals.

Finally for this step, add a thick eyebrow above each eye, and then we will finish off any final details in the next step!

Step 7 – Finish off the face of the light bulbhow to draw a cartoon Light Bulb step 7

Now we can finish off this cartoon light bulb drawing with some final facial details. Start this by drawing a curved line underneath the eyes for the top of the smiling mouth.

Then, we will draw some more curved lines down from the mouth to show that it is open. Finally, draw a tongue inside of the mouth and then add another small line beneath the mouth.

Once these facial details have been added, you can also add any extra details of your own that you may like!

Maybe you could draw a fun background to show where this cartoon light bulb is hanging out. What ideas do you have for this image?

Step 8 – Now finish it off with some colorhow to draw a cartoon Light Bulb step 8

The final step of this guide sure is a fun one, as now you get to finish off with some coloring fun!

In our reference image, we used some bright, vibrant yellows for the bulb itself to show that it is shining bright.

You could use similar colors for your own one, and you could even use colors around the bulb to show the light coming from it!

What colors and mediums will you choose to finish off your creation?

Do this to take your cartoon light bulb drawing to the next level

Try out some fun ideas as we make your cartoon light bulb sketch even better!

Right now, this drawing of a cartoon light bulb has just a face, but you could add some more elements to finish off this cartoon design. For example, you could add some limbs.

These could be simple arms, and even this addition would make the design more expressive. You could also go for some legs to make the character even more complete.

What are some other elements you could add in order to make this cartoon light bulb more complete?

Next, by adding some simple lines, you could create the illusion of light shining from this cartoon light bulb. These could be as simple as a few straight lines, or they could be wavier.

If you want the light from this cartoon light bulb to be dimmer, you could add fewer lines. If you want a bright bulb, then adding lots of lines would be the way to go.

How bright do you think this cartoon light bulb would be?

You could also use some colors and various art mediums to make this cartoon light bulb drawing have the illusion of brightness. This could be done by using a contrast of bright and dull colors.

For instance, you could use a bright yellow pen for the light closest to the cartoon light bulb. Then, maybe some dull watercolor paints could be used to make a duller glow for the light coming off the bulb.

What are some other art mediums and techniques you could use?

Finally, you could really finish off this cartoon light bulb sketch with a background setting. There are tons of fun settings you could use for this background!

A light bulb can be found in many different environments, so you would have many ideas to choose from.

You could start by picking an area in your own house that has a light bulb on display, and then you could use that as a background.

Your Cartoon Light Bulb Drawing is Complete!

You did an amazing job on this guide on how to draw a cartoon light bulb!

There were some tricky parts of the design, but by following the steps you were able to conquer all of the challenges presented to you. Now you can add your own creative ideas and additions as well!

Then, you’ll want to check out our website to keep up to date with all of the amazing drawing guides and other activities we have.

Please also share your finished cartoon light bulb drawing on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to see!how to draw a cartoon Light Bulb in 8 easy steps


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