How To Draw A Cartoon Earth – A Step by Step Guide

Cartoon Earth drawing in just 6 Easy Steps!

People have many differences and it can sometimes be difficult for some to see eye to eye, but the one thing that everyone has in common is that we all share the same Earth!

Because we all live on this planet, it has been depicted in many different artworks and other forms.

Now you can create some artwork of your own as we learn how to draw a cartoon Earth in this guide!

We have a really cool and unique interpretation of our big blue planet for you to work on in this tutorial, so you will definitely want to complete all 6 steps!

Get ready for a trip around our planet as we begin this step by step guide on how to draw a cartoon Earth in just 6 easy to draw a cartoon earth in 6 steps

How to Draw A Cartoon Earth – Let’s Get Started!

Step 1how to draw a cartoon earth step 1

As you may expect, we will begin this cartoon Earth drawing with a round shape. That being said, this round shape will be a bit more unconventional than what you may expect!

As you can see in later images from the guide, we will be covering this cartoon Earth with lots of fun details. For that reason, we will be leaving lots of gaps in this circle where the details will poke off.

Because of this, we would suggest drawing a perfect circle with a pencil. You could use a drawing compass to help you with this!

Then, carefully follow the reference image to erase the small gaps in the same places that we did.

You could even leave this circle in pencil until all the details have been added if you prefer!

Step 2 – Now, draw the continentshow to draw a cartoon earth step 2

We will be adding the start of the continents in this second step of our guide on how to draw a cartoon Earth.

Much like the rest of the design, these will be rather unusual in that they will have the appearance of sticking off of the surface of the planet a bit.

Try to carefully follow the reference image we provided in order to draw these continents, and then add some outlines around them to give some depth.

You will notice we still have lots of small gaps around the outline, but these will get filled in soon!

Step 3 – Next, draw some details sticking off the planet’s surfacehow to draw a cartoon earth step 3

Now we can start adding some of the fun details we have in store for this drawing.

We will be portraying a cool effect where certain aspects like trees and even animals are clearly visible and disproportionately large.

For now, we will add some palm trees and clouds to the upper right-hand continent.

Then, we will draw some pine trees and a bear with some mountains on the lower right-hand continent. It’s already looking really cool, but we’re not done yet, so let’s move on!

Step 4 – Now, draw some more tree detailshow to draw a cartoon earth step 4

Continuing with this cartoon Earth drawing, we will be adding some more details poking off of the Earth in this fourth part.

The focus of this fourth step will be on the continent that sits on the upper left-hand side of the planet. We will be adding a forest of trees that have thin trunks and big bushes of leaves on top.

You can also draw some more birds and clouds to this section! Once all these details have been drawn, we can start adding some final details and touches in the next step of the guide.

Step 5 – Add the final details to your drawinghow to draw a cartoon earth step 5

You’re ready to add the final details of this picture in this fifth step of our guide on how to draw a cartoon Earth! In this part, we will fill in the final gaps on the lower left-hand side of the planet.

This time, we will be adding one large tree that looks like an acacia tree that would be found in Africa.

Once this tree and the other small details for this continent have been added, you can also add some extra ideas of your own!

You could add some more small details to the continents to further distinguish them, or maybe even draw a background behind the Earth.

There are so many fun ideas you could try out, so how do you think you will finish off this drawing before the final step? We can’t wait to see what awesome ideas you have!

Bonus: Change A Few Details To Make Your Cartoon Earth Drawing Easier

We love the design of this cartoon Earth drawing, as it looks really cool and unique. However, when it comes to these drawing guides we don’t feel like you need to replicate them to the exact details.

In fact, there are a few reasons why you may want to change some of the details. For this particular drawing, you may want to simplify the details.

The two main reasons for doing this would be to make it easier or for preferential reasons. Let’s tackle the first reason, making it easier.

If you’re working on this drawing and you find the small tree details to be too frustrating to draw, then it may be worth simplifying or removing them.

It could be worth persevering if you really like these details, but if you can live without them then it may be better to remove them. In their place, you could go for a more conventional portrayal of the Earth with the continents.

Then, there was that second reason, and that would be that you just don’t like the design. Or, you may need a simpler version of the Earth to draw.

If that is the case, then you could simplify the design whether you found it tricky or not. If you do simplify the details or make it more realistic, you could compensate by adding other details around the Earth.

These could include some stars, planets or other fun details. Changing the design doesn’t have to make it worse, and you may even find that you prefer the look of the drawing with the changes!

What are some ways you may like to change the design of this cartoon Earth drawing?

Step 6 – Finish off your drawing with colorhow to draw a cartoon earth step 6

It’s time to finish off this drawing with some color! As with the rest of this design, we have taken a fun and unusual approach to the colors we used for this image.

We used some lovely blues for the waters of the Earth, and then we used lots of greens, browns and other colors for the continents and details poking off of them.

This example image we included is just one example you could use as inspiration for your own image.

You should definitely feel free to use any colors and art tools you like for it, though!

We would recommend art mediums such as colored pens, pencils or thin-tipped brushes that will give you lots of precision, but you should use whatever your inspiration leads to.

Here’s how you can make your cartoon Earth drawing even better…

Create an out-of-this-world picture with these tips for your cartoon Earth sketch!

This awesome drawing of a cartoon Earth has some fun details on each continent to make them more specific. You could take this even further by adding some smaller details!

For example, one of these continents has some trees that you would expect to see in Africa. You could take this even further by adding some African animals like giraffes and elephants.

Other trees or famous natural landmarks could also be added to make it more vibrant and interesting. You could start by thinking of some countries or places you love that you could represent!

Once you have represented some animals and landmarks, you could bring this drawing to life even more by adding other fun features and objects. This could include vehicles and maybe buildings.

For example, it could be fun to have some hot air balloons floating gently over the continents. This is just one example, and you could add any other fun details and objects you like!

The continents in this cartoon Earth drawing are pretty vague so it can be left up to interpretation. You could also make the continents more specific and accurate, however!

To start this process, you could look at a globe or a map to see the shapes of the continents along with the way they are oriented.

You could start off with the continent you live on along with any surrounding ones.

Then you could go back to our first step and add some specific details!

Finally, we think it would be great to add some background details for this cartoon Earth sketch. This could be as simple as making a black background with some stars shining.

That would be a simple way of doing it, but you could take it even further. This could be done by adding things like the moon, sun and even other planets.

Shooting stars and spacecraft would also look so cool! What else could you add to the background?

Your Cartoon Earth Drawing is Complete!

This was a really interesting portrayal of our planet that we created in this guide on how to draw a cartoon Earth!

There were definitely a few tricky spots in this picture, but we hope that the steps in this guide helped to make it a fun and easy experience for you to take on.

Now you can show us what you can do as you add your own awesome extra details and other ideas to finish this picture off.

You can also experiment with the colors and art mediums you use, so there is plenty to keep you busy even though you have finished the guide!

Another way to keep the drawing fun going is by visiting our website for more drawing guides and other activities.

We have tons of awesome guides for you there with more on the way, so keep checking in!

We would also love to see how your cartoon Earth drawing came out, so please share your artwork on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to check out!how to draw a cartoon earth in 6 easy steps


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