How to Draw A Cartoon Alien – A Step by Step Guide

Cartoon Alien Drawing in just 6 Easy Steps!

The universe that we all live in is so vast that it can be hard to comprehend sometimes.

We know relatively little of the universe we call home, and debate about other life in the universe has raged since the dawn of humanity.

It’s fun to imagine what aliens on other planets may look and act like, and we are here to draw a fun interpretation in this guide on how to draw a cartoon alien!

You will be able to draw this great cartoon alien design by the end, and you will even be able to add your own fun details and editions to personalize it even further.

We hope you have an out of this world fun time working on this fun step-by-step guide on how to draw a cartoon alien in just 6 easy steps!how to draw a Cartoon Alien in 6 steps

How to Draw A Cartoon Alien – Let’s get Started!

Step 1how to draw a Cartoon Alien step 1

The design that we will be working on in this guide certainly is a fun and imaginative one! We will begin by drawing the outline of the head.

The head for this alien is quite rounded, and it has two weird ears poking off the top. Use a curved line for the bottom of the head, and then use two rounded lines connecting to one another on top.

For the ears, use some more rounded lines for the stalks, and then add the oval shaped outlines at the top.

You can finish off by drawing the holes for the ears with a black oval shape inside of each one. That will finish off this first step, and then we can continue to step 2!

 Step 2 – Draw the facial details of the alienhow to draw a Cartoon Alien step 2

You have the outline for the head of the alien, and in this second step of our guide on how to draw a cartoon alien we will be adding the facial details.

This alien has big, expressive eyes, and you can draw them using some big rounded shapes. Then, add a large circle to each one for the pupils.

You can then add the nostrils by drawing two small round shapes beneath the eyes.

Finish off this step by drawing a large curved line for the mouth, and then add some small pointy teeth underneath it.

Step 3 – Now, draw the arms of the alienhow to draw a Cartoon Alien step 3

This third part of your cartoon alien drawing will see you adding some fun, wavy arms onto the body. First, add a small, thin neck coming down from the base of the head.

We will then be using some very curvy lines coming from the shoulders of the alien to form these thin arms. The wavier you can make them, the better!

Each arm will then end in a hand that has three long, rounded fingers that bend a bit.

Once you have added these arms and the neck, you can then move on to the fourth part of the guide!

Step 4 – Draw the body of the alienhow to draw a Cartoon Alien step 4

Now it’s time to add the body for this fun alien. For the chest and the stomach, you can draw a single curved line coming down from the arm on the right.

The back will be drawn using two smaller curved lines that connect to one another. This alien will be wearing some shorts, and you can draw the rim of these shorts using some more curving lines.

Draw one more rounded line for the shorts, and then you can draw the tops of his legs.

We will finish drawing these legs in the next step of this guide on how to draw a cartoon alien, and you will also be able to add any other final details in that step.

Step 5 – Now, you can add in the final details of this cartoon alien drawinghow to draw a Cartoon Alien step 5

This fifth step of the guide will be all about finishing up this little alien by adding his legs and some final details.

His legs are rather short and thin, and he will be wearing some cool alien shoes. These will have an oval rim at the top of them, as shown in the reference image.

Finally, his feet will be composed of two long, thin toes. When you have added these legs and feet, you will be ready for the final step of the guide!

Before you move on to some coloring fun, be sure to add any other details or ideas you may have. We think that it would be great to draw a cool background, as this would be a great chance to design your very own alien planet.

What kind of crazy setting would you imagine for this awesome alien to be on?

Bonus: Add A Background To This Drawing To Build The Adventure

You’re so close to finishing this drawing of a cartoon alien, but there is still some fun to be had before we color it in. We wanted to focus on something we only briefly touched on: the background.

Because we don’t know what aliens look like if they exist, it leaves us a lot of room to use our imagination. The same could be said for the environment that they would live in.

We have images of the surfaces of some of the planets in our solar system, but there are trillions of planets we have no idea about. This gives you a lot of room to flex your imagination!

To simplify it a bit, why not think of a certain weather or element type. Let’s say snow for an example, you could make the surface of the planet cold, icy and snowy.

If you do this, you could still add some fun details such as some spindly trees that have glowing fruit on them to add some color. It’s one example, but you could do something similar no matter the theme.

So if you have a bright red, hot planet, then you could add a cool blue lake to contrast the warmer colors. Of course, you don’t need to go with the colors and elements we know of in our planet.

Maybe the alien could be standing on a green slimy planet with a purple sky, for example. This is one idea, but there are no wrong answers.

We think it would be really fun to just go wild and let your imagination run free! It would be amazing to see what kinds of ideas you can come up with, so be sure to share it when it’s done.

Step 6 – Finish off your cartoon alien drawing with some colorhow to draw a Cartoon Alien step 6

Your alien is already looking great, but some colors would make it look even better! In this final step, we will be adding some colors to finish him off nicely.

We showed you one of the ways that you can go about coloring your alien in our reference image.

We used greens for his body and skin tone, and then we added spots made of different shades of green onto his body to add some fun color details.

Finally, we used yellows for his eyes and then used some purples for his pants. These are the colors we chose, but you could use any colors you like to create your own perfect alien pal!

Choosing the colors is one thing, but you can also decide on the art tools and mediums that would best suit this amazing alien!

4 More Ways To Make Your Cartoon Alien Drawing Unique

Create an out of this world cartoon alien sketch with these fun tips to try!

This drawing of a cartoon alien is colored a bright green, which is a classic alien color. Despite this, you could use any colors you like when finishing off this cartoon alien.

You don’t need to stick to just one color, either. Who’s to say an alien wouldn’t have polka dots or other shapes on its skin, for instance?

What are some colors and cool shapes you could add to make this cartoon alien even more unique?

Every alien needs some tools to make it easier to explore, and you could add some for this particular one. For example, it could be holding a raygun that it can use to defend itself.

Or, you may want to draw a cool space helmet over its head for it to use as it explores hostile new worlds. You can get really imaginative when it comes to the gear and tools this alien could use!

Don’t be afraid to make up some weird and wonderful weapons and gadgets!

Once your cartoon alien drawing is kitted out with all the tools and weapons it could need, you could then show where it is having an adventure by adding a background.

This is another aspect where you can really use your imagination, as you can create all sorts of weird and amazing alien worlds.

What sorts of features and environmental aspects do you think could be found on this alien world?

The final thing this cartoon alien sketch could use when going out on interplanetary adventures would be a friend to tag along!

Now that you have finished this design, you could create a brand new alien design.

If that is a bit too daunting, then you could use the same design but just change a few small elements to make it look even more unique.

It could also be a human character in a spacesuit for another fun angle to this drawing!

Your Cartoon Alien Drawing is Complete!

We hope that you enjoyed this interplanetary drawing adventure with this guide on how to draw a cartoon alien!

In this guide, we wanted to design a fun alien that would be a blast to draw, but we also wanted to make sure it would be easy for you to master as well.

Hopefully all of these goals were achieved for you!

When you have completed the design, it will be up to you to finish it off!

We mentioned drawing a background setting as one idea, but you could also draw more alien friends for him or maybe use some new colors and art mediums.

You’ll probably want to show off your finished cartoon alien drawing, so please share your creation on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to enjoy!how to draw a Cartoon Alien in 6 easy steps


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