Building a Bird House

We were super excited last week when our friends at sent us one of their Made by Me 4-in-1 Wood Garden Sets. It went along perfectly with us learning about birds.

The set is designed for age 6+ so even though my son was able to paint and decorate the set all on his own (he is 5), he did require adult help assembling the pieces together. We put our pieces together one evening and let them dry overnight before painting them.

I do have to admit the bird houses seem to be more of a decoration than to actually house birds since they are a bit small, but they do make beautiful decorations! We intend on giving them to Grandma’s to display in their garden areas and I know it is a sentiment they will love.

Included in the set is all the materials to make a bird house, windmill bird house, bird feeder, and wind chime. Look how cute my son’s bird house turned out. I really loved how the set included different beads, gems and glitter glue to add pizazz to the projects, not to mention the fun colors of paint included.

My son got creative and painted a window of the back of his bird house.

Here is our bird feeder hanging in our little tree waiting for some birds to come by for a snack.

My 7-year old decided he wanted to make the wind chime out of the set. He did need some help with assembling it together also. It turned out really cute. We live in a pretty windy area so every time we are outside we hear it chiming.

I asked son what his favorite part about this project was and he said “painting the bird house.” Since I think other kids would enjoy painting the projects as much as my son did, I definitely give this product a thumbs up!  🙂  If you are interested in purchasing the Made by Me 4-in-1 Wood Garden Set, you can find it at your local Walmart. You can also check out their huge selection of other Made by Me products HERE.

A big thank you to for letting us try out their fun product!

** provided me with a Made by Me 4in1 Wood Garden Set free of charge, but all opinions are my own.

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