Bubble Letter A – How To Draw Your Own Bubble A!

A Step By Step Drawing Guide To Your Own Bubble Letter A

As the first letter in the alphabet, the letter A is probably the first one we will learn as kids. It is one of the 5 vowels in the alphabet, so it’s also one of the most commonly used letters we use in our day-to-day lives.

You may know how to draw a regular letter A, but you can make this common letter even more fun by learning how to draw a bubble A!

This can be more difficult than you might think, but that’s why we created this step-by-step guide to show you how it’s done!

Once you have mastered this guide, you will be able to get your alphabet journey started and create all sorts of awesome and amazing designs!

As you work through this guide, try to think of some cool words starting with the letter A that you can draw out.

How To Draw Bubble A

Let’s Get Started


How To Draw Your Own Bubble A step 1

The first step of your bubble A is nice and simple. Before you start, you can make things easier on yourself by drawing a regular letter A lightly with a pencil.

This can serve as planning for the bubble A we are working on. Try to make it very light if you do this, as we will erase it later.

All you need to do is take your drawing tool and draw a simple curved line. It should look a bit like a letter C that has been tipped over slightly.

Try to keep your pen or pencil steady as you draw in order to keep the line nice and smooth.

This will serve as the bottom left side of the A, and once it is drawn we can continue!


How To Draw Your Own Bubble A step 2

Now that we have the beginning of the A, we will be drawing a lot more than we did in the first step. As long as you take it slow and follow the image we provided then you’ll be fine!

The line will extend from the top of that C shape we drew earlier and extend up, as if it were a step hill. At the top of the A, it will gradually loop downward again.

This part can be surprisingly tricky as it requires a long smooth line, so make sure you draw nice and slowly. It may take a few tries but you’ll get the hang of it!

It’s important to look closely at our reference image as you draw, as that is the best way to maintain the general shape of the letter. If you’re struggling, you can use a light pencil again to draw a rough outline.

Then you can use your darker pencil or pen to go over the line. Once you’re happy with how it looks, we can start drawing the final outline in the third step.


How To Draw Your Own Bubble A step 3

Next, we will draw the rest of the outline for your bubble letter A. This is another step that can take a steady hand, and we will be drawing even more than we did in the previous step.

You’ll be extending the line down from the top where you stopped in the previous step. It will once again be a gradual slope down until you make a leg for the right-hand side of the A.

If done right, it should roughly be a mirror image of the left-hand side you have drawn so far. Finally, you can connect both halves of the A with a line that curved outwards towards the bottom of the page.

Then you’re ready to start drawing the interior details of the letter!


How To Draw Your Own Bubble A step 4

The next step will involve drawing the gap at the center of the bubble letter. This is something you can get creative with, as you could use a circle, square or even a shape of a heart. It’s up to you! For now, however, we will stick to the design we chose.

The hole will look a little bit like a sailboat. As you can see in the reference image, it is a roughly triangular shape made up of three curved lines.

Once that is done, we will begin making the letter look like it is a bubble. This will be done using some curved lines that will give it a textured appearance. To do this, draw some lines along the inner outline of the A to give it some depth.

We kept these fairly simple in our example, but you could add some more if you want the bubble to have more depth. This is something you can play around with to get it looking exactly as you want it.

There is no wrong way to do it, and you can give the bubble lots more depth by adding more lines and shapes!

Once these lines are drawn, we can move on to step 5 where we will add some final details and touches!


How To Draw Your Own Bubble A step 5

If you’ve ever seen a bubble, you will know that it will reflect light or objects around them. We will try to replicate how this looks as we add the last details to your bubble letter A.

Simply add a fairly large oval shape near the top of the letter and then add a much smaller one underneath the hole.

The idea is to make it look like these reflections are from the same light source, so try to have them be more or less on the same side of the letter.

This is another detail you can play around with, as your reflections and textures don’t have to be the same as ours. You could even take it a step further and draw the reflection of a face or object on the A.

Before we move on to the final step, be sure to erase any pencil lines and make sure everything is drawn as you want it.

If you have a nice drawing pen, then that would be perfect to go over all the lines of the drawing.

Once you’re happy with how it all looks, we can finish off with some colors!


How To Draw Your Own Bubble A step 6

The hard parts are finished, and now we can have some fun with colors! For our example, we went with a beautiful blue color scheme.

You’ll notice in our reference image that we use different shades of light and dark blues. These further help to make the letter look like a bubble that has volume.

We also use some more thin white shapes to add some more reflections in the color. If you like the look of our design, then you can follow it to recreate it in your own drawing.

When coloring, try to use your favorite coloring tools and experiment with different colors. It can also be fun to try out a brand-new set of art tools you’ve never used before!

It can also be fun to mix various art mediums to make the colors pop. For instance, if you mainly use crayons then you can incorporate some paint for some of the color highlights.

Now that you have finished your letter, let’s think of some ways that we can make your drawing even cooler with some fun ideas.

My Final Tips To Make Your Bubble Letter A Drawing Even More Special!

Now that your letter is complete, you can make more attempts that bring your own style and ideas to the table!

Now is your chance to show off your creativity, but we have a few more ideas that you can try.

One would be to draw some fun patterns on the A instead of using solid colors. These could be polka dots, triangles or perhaps stars.

That is just a small selection of the shapes you could use, so be sure to have fun with it!

Another fun way to bring color to the letter would be to use various arts and crafts. It could be fun to stick some beads or maybe colored construction paper on the A to bring some color and texture to the letter.

Finally, you could try and incorporate some words that begin with A. Some ideas would be apple, alligator, ant or atlas.

For example, if you chose alligator then you could draw a fun cartoon alligator curling around the letter.

If your name starts with A or you know someone else whose name does, then you could draw the rest of the letters of the name to make a fun poster or gift!

What do you plan to use this bubble letter A for?

How To Draw Your Own Bubble A step by step guide

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