How to Draw A Balloon – A Step by Step Guide

Baloon Drawing in just 6 Easy Steps!

Balloons aren’t that impressive when sitting uninflated on a table. But once you pump some air into them, a world of possibilities opens up!

They are usually found at birthday parties and events of celebration, and some can even be made into animals.

While they are fun to have around and despite the fact that everyone loves balloons, it’s not always easy to learn how to draw a balloon.

It’s not easy unless you have a guide to follow, and this guide in front of you will show you how it’s done!

We hope that this step-by-step guide on how to draw a balloon is fun and helpful for you to use!how to draw balloons in 6 steps

How to A Balloon – Let’s get Started!

Step 1balloons drawing step 1

To begin this guide on how to draw a balloon, we will be starting with the top half of the balloon. This balloon will essentially be an oval shape, yet drawing an oval freehand can be quite challenging!

To make it easier, we have broken it down into two steps. Working slowly and carefully, draw the top half of the oval shape as it appears in the reference image.

If it would make it easier for you, you could draw the entire oval with your pencil and then carefully draw over the top half with your pen.

You could also trace around an oval shape you may have lying around to make it easier!

Step 2 – Draw the bottom half of the balloonballoons drawing step 2

We drew the first half of the oval in the previous step, and we will draw the bottom half for your balloon drawing in this one!

To do this, simply extend the oval down to mirror the first half. This will finish off the body of the balloon, but there are also some alternative ways you could finish off the balloon.

You could make it longer than our reference image for one idea, or you could create a fun new shape! Whichever approach you go for, you’re ready for the next step.

Step 3 – Now, add the beginning of the balloon’s neckballoons drawing step 3

This next part of our guide on how to draw a balloon is very easy, so you should have no problems at all completing it.

Now that you have the oval of the balloon drawn, you need only draw a very small, rounded shape on the bottom. This will form the tied neck of the balloon that we will be adding on later.

Step 4 – Finish the neck of the balloonballoons drawing step 4

You started drawing the neck of the balloon in the previous step, and you can finish it off in this part of your balloon drawing!

To add this last part, you can add a shape that has lines going outward from the balloon.

Then, you can use a small wavy line at the bottom of this shape to form the floppy tied neck of the balloon. That’s all there is to it for this step and you’re ready to proceed!

Step 5 – Now, you can add the string and final detailsballoons drawing step 5

In this step of our guide on how to draw a balloon, we will be finishing off the final element. You will also have the chance to add some of your own details and elements to the image!

For now, we will focus on the final part of this drawing before adding some additional details.

All you need to do in this step is draw a line down from the neck of the balloon. We made our line perfectly straight, but you could also make it a wavy line if you prefer.

That line will finish off your balloon drawing nicely, but before you move on there are ways to personalize this drawing!

Some examples would be to add some text or a design onto the balloon, maybe to commemorate a birthday! If you did this then you could use this picture as a birthday card for someone.

You could also change the shape of the balloon, draw a bunch more beside it or maybe even draw yourself holding the string of the balloon!

There are plenty of creative ways you can finish off this image, so let your imagination run wild!

Step 6 – Finish off your balloon drawing with some colorballoons drawing step 6

With your balloon now fully drawn, you can have some fun coloring it in for this final step of your balloon drawing!

It doesn’t have to be as simple as just filling it in with a solid color, and we’ve displayed this in our reference image.

We used a nice red for our balloon drawing, however we used two shades to give it some depth.

By using a darker color on the bottom, a lighter one for the upper portion and leaving some white spots, it can create a feeling of depth.

Balloons come in all manner of different colors and designs, so you should feel free to use any colors that you like for it!

Balloons are often very bright and cheerful, so if you wanted that kind of look for your balloon drawing you could use some mediums such as paints, colored pens or markers for some bright colors!

Any mediums you choose will look great in their own way, however, so how will you finish off this drawing with color?

Your Balloon Drawing is Complete!

We hope that you had a lot of fun working through this step-by-step guide on how to draw a balloon!

Even though a balloon looks simple, it can be more challenging than expected to have it looking right, so this guide was designed to show you how to make an effective balloon with ease!

Now that you have mastered this guide, you can keep the drawing party going with your own cool details, colors and art mediums that you use.

Whether you draw a background, make a page full of balloons or use some fun arts and crafts, there are many ways that you can make this drawing your own!

When you’re ready for more drawing fun, we hope to see you on our website! We have many amazing drawing guides for you to enjoy, plus we upload new ones all the time.

Be sure to visit often to never miss out!

Once your balloon drawing is complete, you can let us admire your artwork by sharing it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. We can’t wait to see your creative pictures!how to draw a balloon in 6 easy steps

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