Apple Turkeys

We have a tradition in our home making these adorable apple turkeys for Thanksgiving. My Mom made them every year with me and my siblings growing up and I’ve decided to continue that on with my kids.

Aren’t they cute? 

I’m guest posting over at One Artsy Mama for her {Our} Home for the Holidays Series and I’d love it if you’d stop by and check out how to make these adorable little creatures!  🙂

I also wanted to mention that Amy from One Artsy Mama is the darling gal who designed my sidebar labels for me. You know, the cute rainbow colored ones with the heart on them!  🙂   I asked her to make them for me but didn’t even know quite what I wanted. She seriously had them designed in like 10 minutes and emailed to me. I gasped with delight when I saw them and said, “Oh my gosh, it’s like she read my mind!” She’s pretty amazing like that! So if you are one of those non-designer bloggers like me, you should definitely consider her for any of your designing needs.  🙂

Ok, what are you waiting for??? Go click over to read about those darling Turkey Apples!!

Happy Crafting!!

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