How to Draw An Apple – A Step by Step Guide

Apple Drawing in just 6 Easy Steps!

There are many popular subjects and styles in art history, and one of the most popular of all is the still life.

This subject of art generally focuses on some nonliving objects arranged in a certain way.

The most popular objects to use for this type of art are fruit and vegetables, and apples will commonly be seen as part of them.

You may think drawing an apple would be an easy task, but it can actually be harder than you think if done from memory!

This step-by-step guide on how to draw an apple will have you drawing this classic art subject easily!how to draw an apple in 6 steps

How to Draw An Apple – Let’s get Started!

Step 1apple drawing step 1

In this first step of our guide on how to draw an apple, we won’t actually be starting on the final drawing quite yet.

When drawing images composed of specific shapes, it can be very helpful to use basic shapes as a guide before starting on the final image.

For this step, it would be recommended to use a light pencil to draw in the two intersecting oval shapes that you can see in our reference image.

These two ovals will be incredibly helpful in the next step of your apple drawing!

Step 2 – Draw in the outline of your appleapple drawing step 2

For this part of your apple drawing, you will start to draw the outline of your apple. Using the two ovals that you drew in the previous step, carefully draw in the outline as it appears in the reference picture we have in this guide.

I would still recommend using a pencil for the final outline, but once it looks good to you then you can go over it with a pen.

When you’ve drawn the outline with your pen, you can erase the pencil lines underneath, but be sure to let the pen ink dry properly before erasing, as you might smudge the ink otherwise!

Step 3 – Next, draw a stem for your appleapple drawing step 3

The most difficult parts of this guide on how to draw an apple are behind you now, so from this step onwards e shall be adding in some final details and elements.

In this step, we shall be adding a stem to the top of your apple.

The stem we have in our example is nice and thick, so you could replicate that for your own drawing or make it a bit smaller if you prefer.

Once you’re happy with the look of the stem then you can move on to step 4.

Step 4 – Now, add in a leaf for your appleapple drawing step 4

It’s time for some more detail additions for your apple drawing! In this step, we shall draw in a leaf for your apple.

This will go on the righthand side of the stem from the previous step, and if it looks a bit bare now, don’t worry! We will add some details to it in the next step.

Step 5 – Next, draw in some final details for your appleapple drawing step 5

The second to last step of our guide on how to draw an apple is all about adding some final details to bring it all together. In our guide, we finished off with some veiny details on the leaf that you drew in step 4.

With that detail added, you already have a good-looking apple drawing, but you could draw in even more details if you wish!

There are a few things you could draw to add to this drawing, and there’s no limit to the creative ideas you could use.

Some examples could be having a cute worm coming out of the apple to say hello or some more subtle ones like some white square shapes to show light reflecting off of the apple.

You could also draw in some additional elements such as a plate for the apple to be on, and if you’re feeling ambitious then you could draw other fruits to make this a proper still-life!

What fun details would you add to take this apple to the next level?

Step 6 – Finish off your apple drawing with some colorapple drawing step 6

Now that you have finished the final details of your apple drawing, you can let your creativity loose for this final step!

This last part is all about adding some beautiful colors to your drawing, and you have many options at your disposal.

We used a nice red for our own example, and while that is one route you could take to finish off your drawing, you have lots of other choices you could use as well!

Maybe this is a beautiful green or a yellow apple, or you could use a favorite color to make this a more stylistic image.

Once you’ve decided on the colors you would like to use, you can have some fun selecting a favorite art medium to complete your drawing.

You could give this image a very classic feel by using some acrylic paints, or you could make it look funkier with some bright, luminescent colored pens.

What do you think you will use to close off this tutorial on how to draw an apple?

3 More tips to make your apple drawing easy!

Drawing an apple a day keeps the boredom away, so let’s make it even easier for you!

Artists have been drawing apples for many years, and so you may assume that it must be because they are easy to draw.

As you saw in our guide, creating this drawing is not as easy as you may think! The steps were made to make this apple drawing easier, but there can still be some challenges. We have two ways that you could make it easier, however.

First, you could look up some pictures of an apple to make getting the shape of the apple and details such as the leaves and stem looking good.

Or you could go one step further and use a real apple as a model. That way you would also have a snack ready for you when you’re done!

If you find yourself struggling with this apple sketch, don’t be ashamed to simplify some of the details that you may be struggling with.

Drawing is meant to be fun, and it won’t be fun if you’re stressing over a part you find hard! You could change the shape, simplify the details or even remove elements such as the leaf.

Whatever you need to do to make it work better for you is a good choice! You can always try again at a later time when you feel a bit more confident.

The best way to make a drawing is to just keep practicing and to make sure that you never give up.

It will help to make this apple drawing easy if you just keep going and start again if you’re not happy with how it looks.

You’ll never have to show all of your failed attempts, so there’s no shame in starting over if you reach a roadblock.

You can also use your pencils to start with and then draw over it with your pen when you’re happy with how it looks.

Just don’t give up and you will be creating an incredible apple drawing in no time!

Your Apple Drawing is Complete!

This brings us to the end of this guide on how to draw an apple! We really hope you had a great time learning to draw this classic art subject.

Less detailed objects like apples can look a lot easier to draw than they look, because they still have a very distinctive shape that can be hard to get right.

That’s why we created this guide to show you an easy way to get the shape looking great every time!

We always aim to have our drawing guides be enjoyable and informative, so we hope that you did have fun while learning!

Now that you have drawn a beautiful apple, you can have even more fun showing how creative you can be with some extra details.

Will you draw a background setting for your apple drawing or add more fruit alongside it?

These details along with your color choices and art mediums used can leave an infinite amount of opportunities for you to personalize your drawing!

We have lots more awesome drawing guides coming out all the time for you, so please check out our site often, as chances are there will be more drawing fun available every time you check!

We would also love it if you would share your finished apple drawing on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to enjoy! We can’t wait to see your incredible creativity on display!

Here Is A Cute Apple Drawing To Inspire You!cartoon apple drawing

An apple seems like it would be a simple thing to draw, and it can be if you know what to do! However, as we saw in this guide, it can sometimes be a bit tricky.

Our artist Freddy has created this cute apple drawing to make it even easier. Looking at this picture, you will see the general shape of the apple, stem and leaf.

As an extra fun bonus, there is also a face on the apple to give it some character. This face would be easy to customize for your own fun expressions as well.

While you can focus on the cute apple sketch, you can also add some background elements.

If you’re feeling very creative, then maybe you could add some more fruit characters to the background.

What other fruits could join this apple character?how to draw an apple in 6 easy steps


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