Ant Hill Toast

It is very possible that I consume WAY TOO much Peanut Butter. When I was pregnant with my middle child all I ever wanted to eat was Peanut Butter toast. I pretty much inhaled it every meal! I have loved it my whole life and have even gone so far as to carry insane amounts of it in my food storage in the fear that there may be a time in my life that there is a shortage or we can’t afford it. Peanut Butter pretty much should be my middle name.  Hahaha! Anyways, when I thought about making an ant snack for my kids the other day, Peanut Butter toast instantly came to mind.

This was so simple to make and my kids loved it!

1. Spread peanut butter and honey onto a slice of toast.

2. Put one graham cracker in a sandwich baggy and have your child smash it up.

3. Pour the graham cracker crumbs onto the toast, stacking up one side to form the ant hill.

4. Poke a small hole in your ant hill at the top and add black or red sprinkles on the hill and around the toast for ants. (I think red ants would have been super cool, but all I had was the black sprinkles)

 A little messy to eat but WAAYYYYYY FUN!! 🙂
You could also use Nutella instead of Peanut Butter or
chocolate graham crackers with red sprinkles.

Happy Eating!!

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