How to Draw a Zebra — Step by Step Guide

Complete zebra drawing in just 9 easy steps!

The zebra is a single-hoofed animal sporting a distinctive black-and-white striped coat. As a member of the family Equidae, zebras are closely related to horses and donkeys.

Since zebras are native to Africa, it’s less likely that we’ll get a chance to see a zebra up close and personal. Why not learn how to draw a zebra instead?

Fortunately, we have created a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a zebra, summarized in 9 easy and simple steps.drawing zebra in 9 easy steps

To make the process of drawing a zebra a lot easier for you, each instruction comes with an illustration to serve as your visual guide. What’s more, all you need is a piece of paper and a pencil!

Have fun and use your artistic skills!

How to Draw a Zebra — Let’s get started!

Step 1zebra drawing step 1

Start by drawing an angled line forming the mane of the zebra. For the ears, add two small oval shapes with pointed ends on both sides of the mane.

The mane and the ears should be drawn on the upper left side of your paper to leave sufficient space for the zebra’s entire head and body.

To make sure of this, you can create reference lines by drawing an intersecting horizontal and vertical line across your paper.

This guideline should divide your paper into four square spaces. The one on the upper left corner marks the spot where you should begin drawing.

Step 2 — Create an Outline of the Zebra’s Headzebra drawing step 2

Draw a curved uneven shape underneath the zebra’s mane and ears. This forms the shape of the zebra’s head.

Don’t forget to put emphasis on the muzzle of the zebra by making it slightly elongated.

Step 3 — Next, Draw the Zebra’s Long, Thick Manezebra drawing step 3

Extend the lines of the zebra’s mane at the top of its head to finalize the entire mane. Bring the line to a downward curve, outlining the shape of the mane.

Make sure that the mane is pointed at the bottom, as shown in the illustration.

Step 4 — Rough Sketch the Body of the Zebrazebra drawing step 4

Draw a curved line right underneath the zebra’s head to form the neck. Afterwards, draw an irregular sideways oval shape directly connected to the zebra’s neck and head.

This forms the entire torso of the zebra.

Avoid pressing down too hard with your pencil when drawing a rough sketch of the zebra’s body.

It’s important to draw with light strokes so you can easily remove any part of the outline that you no longer need later on.

Step 5 — Afterwards, Draw the Zebra’s Front Legszebra drawing step 5

Below the zebra’s chest, draw two parallel vertical lines with a horizontal line at the bottom. This creates one front leg of the zebra.

Afterwards, draw a similar shape right beside the first front leg to complete the zebra’s two front legs. Since the zebra is facing sideways, the front leg at the back isn’t fully visible.

Don’t forget to erase any lines from the torso that overlaps inside the legs! This will ensure that your drawing looks neat, and most importantly, refined.

Step 6 — Complete All Four Legs of the Zebrazebra drawing step 6

Repeat the previous step underneath the bottom back of the zebra. This creates the pair of hind legs of the zebra.

After completing this step, all four legs of the zebra should be fully formed, as shown in the illustration above.

Step 7 — Then, Add the Furry Tail of the Zebrazebra drawing step 7

Draw a curved shape with a pointed tip attached on the lower back of the zebra.

This forms the zebra’s thick, furry tail.

Step 8 — Add the Zebra’s Details and Patternszebra drawing step 8

Draw multiple parallel lines across the mane of the zebra. Afterwards, draw a curve on the bottom of its body outlining the zebra’s underside.

Then, draw a line right above the edge of all four feet of the zebra to create the hooves.

Step 9 — Create the Zebra’s Distinct Stripe Patternzebra drawing step 9

The zebra wouldn’t be complete without its unique stripe markings all over the coat of its body, so that’s what we’ll be drawing in this step.

Draw multiple pointed shapes on the upper edge of the zebra’s torso. Make sure to add similar patterns across all four legs of the zebra too!

Now, to complete your drawing, add the facial features. Proceed by drawing a standing oval shape for the eyes and a tiny circle for the nose on the muzzle.

Lastly, draw a shape inside the ear following its shape.

Here’s the most exciting part—choosing the colors and coloring the zebra! This is the part where you can showcase your artistic skills, especially your ability to mix and match various colors.

As we all know, the zebra’s coat is black and white. You can opt to color the zebra using its original colors or use a unique set of colors.

We recommend doing the latter so you can customize your drawing and make the most out of your experience!

Have fun playing with colors and watch as the zebra ultimately comes to life!zebra drawing 9 steps

Your Zebra Drawing is Complete!

We hope you enjoy this step-by-step drawing tutorial. If you had a good time drawing a zebra, then you’ll surely have fun drawing other animals like a goat, sheep, and many more!

Check out our “How to Draw” catalog so you can explore more enjoyable drawing tutorials like this.

Once you’ve finished drawing and coloring a zebra, don’t forget to show off the results of your hard work.

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We can’t wait to see your incredible zebra drawing!how to draw a zebra in 9 easy steps

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