How to Draw A Turkey – A Step by Step Guide

Turkey Drawing in just 10 Easy Steps!

The turkey is a bird that brings up certain associations. For most people, if you mention a turkey it will bring to mind memories of Thanksgiving dinners and good times with family.

It can also be associated with holidays like Christmas, and almost certainly will bring good memories up to the surface.

Turkeys are also distinctive and unusual-looking birds, and you might think that would make it hard to learn how to draw a turkey.

We have created this step-by-step guide on how to draw a turkey in 10 steps to make drawing this amazing creature easier than ever!how to draw turkey in 10 steps

How to Draw a Turkey – Let’s get Started!

Step 1turkey drawing step 1

We will be starting small for the first step of our guide on how to draw a turkey. We will begin with the head, and you can draw in what will look like a half-circle for the top of the head.

Then, you can draw in a half oval for the bottom of the head as you can see in the reference image.

Step 2 – Next, draw in the head, feathers and neckturkey drawing step 2

Once you have the head outline of your turkey drawing, we will be adding in the head feathers.

These will look like three fat sausage shapes in a row, and you can use the picture as a guide for how these should fit together.

Then, we will be adding in two slightly curved lines to make the neck of your turkey drawing.

Step 3 – Next, draw in the first wingturkey drawing step 3

For the third step, you will be adding in the first wing of your turkey drawing.

To draw this element in, we will be using mainly curved lines to make the wing shape as you can see it in the reference image.

Turkeys have fairly short wings, so they should appear quite short in your turkey drawing.

Step 4 – Now draw in the other wingturkey drawing step 4

You’ve drawn in one wing, so now you can simply add in the other one, and it should appear as a mirror image to the first wing you drew.

Using the reference image and the wing you’ve already drawn, this step should be no problem for you!

Step 5 – Next you will be adding in the tail feathersturkey drawing step 5

Turkeys are well known for their beautiful tail feathers that spread out like a fan.

To draw in the tail feathers of your turkey drawing, we will be using a continuous wavy line that extends from the end of one wing, over the head and to the end of the other wing.

Step 6 – Now draw in the legsturkey drawing step 6

Your turkey drawing needs some legs, so we will be focusing on that for this step! You will be using lots of curved lines to form the legs and bottom of the turkey’s body.

The reference image will be a great guide on the angle and length of each component for this part of the body.

Step 7 – Next, we will add a faceturkey drawing step 7

For step 7 of our guide on how to draw a turkey, we will be adding in a face for your drawing.

We’ve shown a face that you could use in our picture, and this face can be drawn using lots of smaller curved lines.

You could follow the facial details we have here closely, or you could change it up a bit to give your turkey some unique facial expressions.

This could be done by changing the mouth, eyes and eyebrows of your turkey.

Step 8 – Now draw in the divides of the tail feathersturkey drawing step 8

Your turkey’s tail is already looking great, but we’re going to be adding a little more detail to it to make it look even better.

First, you can draw a line down from every indent of the tail in a curved line towards the turkey’s body.

The indents of the tail outline should make this easy, and you can refer to the image for help, too!

Step 9 – Next, add in some final detailsturkey drawing step 9

For this next stage, we will be adding some final details to your turkey drawing. To start with, we will be adding some curved lines across the width of the tail as you can see in the image.

This will give it some nice color variation later!

Lastly, you can add some curved lines to the chest for more feather definition, and then use some straight lines across the legs to give them more texture as well.

Step 10 – Now finish it off with some colorturkey drawing step 10

You should be very proud at this point, because you’ve successfully learned how to draw a turkey!
It just needs one more step now, and it may be the most fun of all the steps.

All that remains is to bring some beautiful color to your drawing to bring it to life. You could use the color suggestion we provided in our image, but don’t be shy to let your creativity run wild with your own color choices!

You could also use your favorite art mediums along with your favorite colors for infinite color possibilities!

Your Turkey Drawing is Complete

We really hope that this guide on how to draw a turkey in 10 steps was helpful and fun for you to use!

With how unusual the turkey looks, you may have thought it would be hard to draw, but we made this guide to help make it much easier for you.

Drawing challenges are always best tackled in more manageable steps, so we hope that this guide let you have a lot of fun while learning to draw a cute turkey.

Now it’s up to you to let your creativity run wild as you use your own colors and details to bring your drawing to life!

We will be uploading lots of new drawing guides such as this one, so be sure to check our site out frequently to never miss out on the fun!

Once you’ve finished your turkey drawing and colored it in, we hope that you will share it to our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to admire!

We always love to see the incredible creative skills you all have, and we can’t wait to see your amazing turkey to draw a turkey in 10 easy steps

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