How To Draw A Sunrise – A Step by Step Guide

Sunrise drawing in just 6 Easy Steps!

There are many majestic, incredible sights to behold in nature. Sometimes a view can be transformed in a unique way depending on the time of day that it is.

Two of the most beautiful times of the day for this transformation would be sunset and sunrise. The second one of these is what we will be focusing on for this guide on how to draw a sunrise.

This is a common sight to immortalize in artworks and pictures, so if you would like to learn how you can do just that then read on!

We hope you have a fun and relaxing time working with us on this step-by-step guide on how to draw a sunrise in 6 to draw a sunrise in 6 steps

How to Draw A Sunrise – Let’s Get Started!

Step 1drawing a sunrise step 1

The image that we will be creating in this guide on how to draw a sunrise will be depicting a calm and beautiful view of an ocean.

There will be some details and other elements that we will be drawing throughout the guide, but for now we will be focused on the sea itself.

This will be quite a simple element to draw, as all we will be doing is drawing some curved, wavy lines horizontally on the page.

Once these are drawn, you will be ready to add more details in the next steps.

Step 2 – Next, draw a little boat on the seadrawing a sunrise step 2

Continuing on with this sunrise drawing, we will be drawing a little sailboat into the scene.

For now, we will be focusing on the bottom of this boat, and you can draw it using curved lines connecting to one another.

These lines will form three thin shapes to make it look as though this portion of the boat is made of wood.

That will take care of the base of the boat, and we will be sure to add a sail to finish it off in the next part of the guide.

Step 3 – Draw a sail for the boat in this next stepdrawing a sunrise step 3

As we mentioned in the previous step of this guide on how to draw a sunrise, we will now be finishing off the sail for the boat that you began in the last part.

You can start this by drawing a straight line at a slight diagonal angle poking up from near the center of the boat.

This will form the central mast of the boat, and you can also draw a little flag at the top of it.

With this mast drawn, you’ll then be ready to draw the sheets of the sail. Using some curved lines, you can draw two somewhat triangular sails at the front of the boat.

A straight line can also be drawn from the top of the central mast to the top of one of these sheets.

Finally, using some more curved lines you can draw two more sails at the back of the boat. The top one will be a bit smaller, whereas the bottom one will be large and slightly squared.

Step 4 – Now, draw some more of the scenedrawing a sunrise step 4

We will be adding quite a lot to your sunrise drawing in this next step. First, let’s start by drawing a small island in the sea by using some more curved lines.

Then, we will be drawing some palm trees poking off of the island. We will also add some grass details along with some wavy lines to show some sand details.

Finally, we will be drawing the horizon. You can do this by drawing a straight line across the entire width of the image. This line will go behind the ship as well as the trunks of the palm trees.

Then you can draw a circular shape onto this horizon and also partially obscured by the trees for the sun. finish off by drawing some line details on the water beneath this sun.

Step 5 – Add some final details to your sunrise drawingdrawing a sunrise step 5

Pictures like this are made by the details, so we shall add some final ones to really finish off this image in this step of our guide on how to draw a sunrise.

We will be adding some brilliant sun rays coming off the sun, and you can do this by drawing some straight lines off of the round sun.

To really complete this idyllic image, you can finish off by drawing two puffy clouds in the sky. That will finish off all of our details, but you could also add some of your own that you may want.

What else would you add to this beautiful scene to make it a sunrise paradise?

Step 6 – Finish off your sunrise drawing with some colordrawing a sunrise step 6

Now we have arrived at the final step of your sunrise drawing, and in this one we shall finish off by coloring your beautiful picture.

Sunrise is usually a bright and cheerful time of the day, and in our reference image we tried to replicate that feeling.

We used some bright blues and yellows for the water, sun and sky. We even incorporated some yellow into the water below the sun to show that it is reflecting.

Some greens and browns on the island also really helped to finish off this picture in style.

You could use similar colors to the ones we did, but you should also use any other color choices you may want! What colors, shades, art mediums and techniques will you use to finish off this picture?

5 Tips To Make Your Sunrise Drawing Even Better!

Rise to the occasion with these tips we have for your sunrise sketch!

This drawing of a sunrise that we created in this guide has a ship sailing peacefully along the ocean. It looks great, but you could add even more ships to the scene if you have enough page space!

Or, you could add some aircraft flying through the air if you wanted to. You might even want to go in the opposite direction and remove all vehicles from the picture.

It seems a shame that we have created this magnificent sunrise without anyone to admire it. For that reason, it would be fun to add some humans to this drawing.

They would probably be quite small on the image, so you wouldn’t need to draw them in much detail. What sorts of poses and activities would you like to depict?

We made the colors quite bright and vibrant for our version of this sunrise drawing, but you could achieve different colors with certain art tools and mediums.

For example, you could make the colors look nice and soft by using watercolor paints. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you could use acrylic paints to make the colors bright and bold.

If you have some great art tools on hand, then you should feel free to experiment with them!

Another way that you could populate this scene would be by adding some animals to the ocean.

There would be so many to choose from, and they could range from small seagulls and giant whales.

Adding some animals would be the perfect way to show off your favorite animals that you would love to see when visiting the ocean!

Finally, you could give this sunrise sketch a whole new look by changing the weather. This could be as simple as making the sky grey with some cloud details.

Or, you could take it even further by drawing some torrential rain with lightning striking down from the clouds. What other cool weather effects could you add?

Your Sunrise Drawing is Complete!

There are few sights more spectacular than seeing a beautiful sunrise view, so we hope that it was a fun and fulfilling experience recreating it in this guide on how to draw a sunrise!

We included a lot of details to this picture, and while it can make drawing it a bit more challenging, it is certainly worth it, as they help to bring the picture to life.

This guide is left open for you to add some of your own personal touches, so what do you think would go well with this picture?

Be sure to join us on our website when you’re ready for more drawing guides. Check in often, as we upload new ones often!

We would love to take a little vacation by seeing your beautiful sunrise drawing, so please share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages when it’s ready!how to draw a sunrise in 6 easy steps

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