How to Draw A Pineapple – A Step by Step Guide

Pineapple Drawing in just 8 Easy Steps!

The pineapple is a fruit that conjures up images of tropical vacations, beautiful beaches and good times besides sparkling pools.

It’s not only a symbol of vacation fun times, however, as it is also a juicy, delicious treat that is good for you!

The pineapple is actually made up of many berry-like segments fused together, and this structure makes it quite a unique fruit visually.

This can make it surprisingly hard to draw, but we have a guide that will make it much easier!

This step-by-step guide on how to draw a pineapple in just 8 steps will have you drawing this juicy fruit with ease!how to draw pineapple in 8 steps

How to Draw A Pineapple – Let’s get Started!

Step 1pineapple drawing step 1

You will need a pencil for this first step in our guide on how to draw a pineapple.

We will be using a pencil for now, as this shape will be used to guide you for the next few steps and won’t appear in the finished picture.

Using your pencil, carefully draw a vertical oval shape like the one in our reference image.

It doesn’t need to be perfect, but the closer it is to a perfect oval the better!

Step 2 – Next, start the outline of your pineapplepineapple drawing step 2

For the second step of your pineapple drawing, you can start to use a pen for the outline. You’ll be using the penciled oval that you drew in step 1 to draw the outline.

The actual pineapple won’t be a perfect oval, so you can try your best to keep to the penciled oval, but it’s fine if there are some bumps and irregularities.

Be sure to leave a fairly large gap at the top, as the leaves of the pineapple will be going there in a later step.

Once you’re happy with this outline, you can carefully erase the penciled oval.

Step 3 – Now, start drawing the leavespineapple drawing step 3

Pineapples have a head of thick, prickly leaves, so we will start to draw some in this part of our guide on how to draw a pineapple.

Using some curved lines that have a sharp point at the end, you can draw two of the leaves into the left-hand side of the gap that you left in the previous step.

We will just be drawing two leaves for now, but we will be adding many more in the next few steps!

Step 4 – Keep adding some leavespineapple drawing step 4

You’ve drawn two leaves for your pineapple drawing, and now that you have the hang of it you can start to draw some more for it.

Using the reference image as a guide on how they should be positioned, you can draw four more leaves to the center of your pineapple’s top.

Step 5 – Finish off the leaves of your pineapplepineapple drawing step 5

In this part of our guide on how to draw a pineapple, we shall add the final leaves to the pineapple.

They will fill in the right-hand side of the gap, and you can draw some into any spaces that are left.

For the leaves, you don’t have to replicate the leaves in our drawing exactly, but if you reposition them then the guide will show you what angles that they should be at.

Step 6 – Next, draw some details on the leavespineapple drawing step 6

The leaves of your pineapple drawing are pretty much done, and they can be finished off with some minor details.

To do this, simply draw some lines in the center of some of the leaves, making them follow the same curvature of the leaves.

Step 7 – Add the segments and final detailspineapple drawing step 7

As we mentioned before in this guide on how to draw a pineapple, pineapples are made up of many smaller segments, and we shall draw those now.

This step is pretty easy, but requires a bit of patience!

To draw them, simply draw rows of curved lines that look a bit like fish gills. These will cover the entirety of the pineapple, and will finish it off nicely!

Before you move on to the final step of this guide, be sure to add any fun details or additions that you would like to your pineapple drawing!

These could be anything from a beach background to some stylish sunglasses for your pineapple to be wearing.

There is plenty you could do to put your own spin on your drawing, so what fun details can you think of to add?

Step 8 – Now finish off your pineapple with some colorpineapple drawing step 8

Pineapples are not only a rather unique-looking fruit, but they are also brightly colored and stunning to look at!

With some beautiful greens for the leaves and some yellow and orange for the pineapple itself, this is a picture that would look amazing with some bright color variations.

You could let your imagination run wild and use your favorite colors to color in your pineapple drawing.

Maybe you could even color in each segment with a different color! If I were coloring this picture, I would use some beautiful, bright-colored pens and markers to create a luminescent look.

That’s just one of many options you could choose, however, and anything you use will look incredible!

5 Tips To Make Your Pineapple Drawing Even Better!

Create a delectable pineapple sketch with these 5 awesome suggestions! Pineapples are usually enjoyed peeled and sliced, so you could add these elements to this pineapple drawing.

There are a few ways that you could do this, too.You could keep the pineapple as we drew it and then add a second sliced one next to it.

Or, maybe you could turn this design on its side and make it look as if it has been sliced in half. How will you depict this tasty pineapple?

Next, you could create a bit of a background setting for this juicy fruit. It could maybe be posed with other fruits you would like to enjoy with it, or maybe it could be on a beach!

These are just two ideas, but creating a background can be as realistic or wacky as you like. What kind of setting would you put it into?

Another way to change up this drawing of a pineapple would be to give it a different style. We went for a pared-back, cartoony style, but you could also make it more realistic, for example.

If you have a real pineapple around, you can use that and this guide to create a more realistic portrayal.

Color plays a big role in bringing a drawing to life, and we think you should really let your creativity flow in this regard.

We spoke of some colors you could use, but we would really emphasize just how much your mediums matter as well.

What we mean is that you can use all sorts of art tools and mediums and even combine them. This could be anything from paints to crafts, and you can end up with all sorts of interesting colors!

You can also add some fun details to your pineapple sketch to make it even better. For example, you could turn this pineapple into a fun cartoon character.

This could be as easy as adding a simple facial expression or putting some sunglasses on it! This suggestion would also go really well with our second suggestion of adding a background.

Your Pineapple Drawing is Complete

You have reached the end of this step-by-step guide on how to draw a pineapple, and you should be proud of your wonderful artwork!

This guide was created with the aim of being not only easy to use but also lots of fun, so we hope that you had a great time with it!

Even though pineapples have quite a complicated design to them, when you break a drawing down into steps it can really help to make it more manageable to take on.

This is just the start, however, and now you can put your own personal spin on your incredible pineapple artwork!

Whether you draw some fun details, change up the design or wow us with vibrant colors, we know you’ll create an incredible image!

The drawing fun continues on our website, as we have lots of awesome drawing guides for you to enjoy! Be sure to check in frequently too, as we upload new ones very often.

We would love it if you would share your completed pineapple drawing on our Facebook and Pinterest pages!

We always love to see your creativity, and we can’t wait to see your colorful to draw a pineapple in 8 easy steps

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