How To Draw People Hugging – A Step by Step Guide

People hugging drawing in just 6 Easy Steps!

Drawing humans is never an easy task. Even when it’s a simple standing pose, there are aspects like positioning and proportion that have to be just right or it will look unnatural.

When you have more advanced positions, the challenge gets increased exponentially, and this is doubly so when more than one human is involved in the image.

That can make learning how to draw people hugging quite a challenge to do.

When you have some steps to follow, it can be made much easier, however! You’ll want to read all the way to the end if you would like to know how it’s done.

This step-by-step guide on how to draw people hugging in just 6 easy steps will show you everything there is to know about drawing this tricky to draw people hugging in 6 steps

How to Draw People Hugging – Let’s Get Started!

Step 1how to draw people hugging step 1

During this guide on how to draw people hugging, we will be portraying a man and a woman hugging. For this first part, we shall be starting with the head of the man.

Use a curved line for the back of the head for the man to start it off. Use some more curved lines for ht top of his shirt collar, and then add some pointier curved lines on top of his head to make his hair look a bit spikier. In this step, we will be completing the entirety of his hair outline.

His ear will be drawn with a small, rounded line inside of the hair outline with some smaller line details inside of it.

Once you have drawn these aspects, we shall move on to the second step of the guide.

Step 2 – Now, draw the head of the womanhow to draw people hugging step 2

In the previous part of your people hugging drawing, we left a space in the face of the man, and in this one we shall fill that space in using the head of the woman.

For her hair, we will be using more curved lines than we used for the hair outline for the man.

This will help to make it look like her hair is not only longer than his but also tied behind her head. You can further show this by drawing the hairband tying it together at the back.

You can then finish off this step by drawing the facial details and outlines for her face up against his. Her eyes will be closed to create a solemn expression, and then it will be time for step 3.

Step 3 – Draw his shoulder, arm and chesthow to draw people hugging step 3

Continuing with this guide on how to draw people hugging, we shall be drawing some more of his arm and chest.

Before we draw those details, we will first be adding her ponytail coming out of the hairband she is wearing.

Then, use some slightly curved lines to draw the outline of his shirt sleeve going around her neck, with his arm going around the other side.

Be sure to also add some simple line details inside of this outline to make the fabric of his shirt look more creased.

Finish off by drawing the outline of his chest and back, and then we can continue with the guide.

Step 4 – Next, draw the start of her arms and bodyhow to draw people hugging step 4

The focus will move back to the woman in this part of your people hugging drawing. First, draw a squared, slightly curved shape beneath her shoulder for the sleeve of her shirt.

Then, use some smoother lines for her bent arm going around his chest. Once these have been drawn, you can also draw some more hair coming down her back.

Finish off this step by drawing the bottom of his shirt dropping down below the arms, and then you can proceed to the final details in the next step of the guide.

Step 5 – Add the final details to your people hugging drawinghow to draw people hugging step 5

You’re almost ready to color your creation in, but before you do we have some last details and touches to add.

The first of these details that we will be adding will be the bottom of her shirt dropping down.

This will be drawn using a few curved lines connecting to one another to make it look like her shirt is made of a flowy fabric.

Finish off by drawing the simple outlines of the skirt that she is wearing as well as the pants for the man.

Once you have drawn these final touches, you can then finish off with more details of your own to finish it off!

You could draw a background or maybe even change the facial details to make them look like people you know.

How will you finish off this image?

Step 6 – Finish off your people hugging drawing with colorhow to draw people hugging step 6

This is the final step of this people hugging drawing, and in it we shall finish it off with some color. In our example image, we colored the man’s shirt with green and then put a yellow grid pattern over it.

For the lady, we used a nice orange color for her top and then finished off with red for her skirt.

These are the colors that we chose, but for your own drawing you could go for entirely unique color choices if you wish! Which colors and art mediums do you think would best suit this picture?

5 Tips To Make Your People Hugging Drawing Even Better!

Make your people hugging sketch even better with these 5 tips!

The two people featured in this drawing of people hugging have some great details on their clothing. This is a part of the design that you could easily change to make it more personalized, however.

For example, you could go for some different colors or patterns on the man’s shirt. You could even add different items of clothing and accessories.

How do you think these people should be dressed?

We don’t really see the faces of these two characters, but you could still change a few details to alter how they look. One approach to this could be to make them look like real people.

Maybe you could change it so that it is a picture of you hugging someone you care about or maybe make them look like members of your family.

Once you’re happy with how these characters look, you could highlight the loving feeling of this image in a few ways.

If you want it to look more romantic, then you could add some hearts surrounding them.

Or, you could maybe include some elements and colors that remind you of your favorite season for another idea.

Taking our previous tip for your people hugging drawing even further, you could add a background to the image to make it more complete.

If you were to do this, we would suggest starting with a place that has a lot of meaning to you. Maybe it could be a place where you have shared a special moment with a loved one.

Where would you choose to set this drawing?

The nature of this people hugging sketch would make it the perfect gift to give to a loved one. One way of doing this would be to turn it into a card.

You could start this by drawing it on a piece of cardboard. Then, fold it so that the picture is the front of the card.
You could even add some text around the picture and write a message inside.

Your People Hugging Drawing is Complete!

As we mentioned in the intro to this guide on how to draw people hugging, portraying humans in any kind of position can be quite the challenge.

In this guide, we aimed to make it much easier for you to by breaking it down into smaller steps. Hopefully it was made a lot more fun for you to take on when a lot of the frustration was eliminated!

Now you can keep the fun going as you change up the details, colors and art mediums to create a more personalized picture. Have fun letting your creativity run wild!

Then, you can check out our website for access to many more awesome drawing guides. We have more on the way soon that you won’t want to miss!

Please also be sure to share your finished people hugging drawing on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to admire. We can’t wait to see how your artwork turned out!how to draw people hugging in 6 easy steps

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