How to Draw a Lemon – Step by Step Guide

Complete lemon drawing in just 9 easy steps!

Lemons are yellow, oval citrus fruits with thick skin and fragrant, acidic juice that are typically cultivated in warm climates.

Lemons are also a good source of Vitamin C and can help control weight, prevent kidney stones, and provide many more health benefits.

The sweet and sour juice of the lemon can be added to a wide range of food and drinks. This is why it’s an all-time favorite fruit of many people.

We think drawing a lemon would be exciting mainly because of its aesthetic appearance and lively color.

We have created a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a lemon, made easier with 9 easy instructions and simple steps.

With the help of this guide, you can surely draw a lemon whether you’re a beginner or an expert in drawing.

Have fun and unleash your inner creativity!drawing lemon in 9 steps

How to Draw a Lemon — Let’s get started!

Step 1lemon drawing step 1

Start by drawing a slightly diagonal oblong shape in the middle of your paper. This forms the shape of the lemon.

Make sure that the oblong shape will be drawn in the center by creating reference lines. Simply draw an intersecting horizontal and vertical line across your paper.

The point where the two lines meet marks the spot where you should draw the outline of the lemon’s shape.

Step 2 — Create an Outline of the Lemon’s Shapelemon drawing step 2

Draw a curve at the top of the shape of the lemon. This creates the round bump at the top of the lemon.

Step 3 — Draw the Bump at the Bottom of the Lemonlemon drawing step 3

Repeat the previous step. This time, however, the curve should be drawn right underneath the shape of the lemon. This forms the round bump at the bottom of the lemon.

Step 4 — Next, Polish Up the Shape of the Lemonlemon drawing step 4

Refine the shape of the lemon by erasing the edge line of the lemon close to the bumps at the top and at the bottom.

This keeps the shape of the lemon neat and tidy, and most importantly, refined.

Step 5 — Afterwards, Draw the Stem of the Lemonlemon drawing step 5

Draw a short, slightly curved vertical line right above the bump at the top of the lemon.

This forms the left side of the stem attached to the lemon.

Step 6 — Now, Finalize the Form of the Lemonlemon drawing step 6

Draw another line parallel to the first line we drew in the previous step.

Then, close off the figure by drawing a short line connecting both upper endpoints of the lines we drew in the previous two steps. This completes the stem of the lemon.

At this point, the shape of the lemon as well as the stem should now be complete.

Step 7 — Draw a Single Leaf on the Left Side of the Stemlemon drawing step 7

In this step, we will now be working on the leaves attached to the stem of the lemon.

Continue by drawing a sideways curved droplet figure on the left side of the stem that we previously drew. This forms the single leaf attached to the left side of the stem.

Step 8 — Draw Another Single Leaf on the Right Sidelemon drawing step 8

Repeat the previous step on the opposite side of the stem. This creates the single leaf attached to the right side of the stem.

After completing this step, there should now be two leaves: one on the left side and another one on the right side.

Step 9 — Now, Add Patterns on the Skin of the Lemonlemon drawing step 9

Draw multiple shaded dots in various sizes on the bottom part of the lemon. This adds texture on the skin of the lemon, making it look realistic!

Make sure to scatter the dots all around the surface of the lemon to make it look natural!

There you have it—we’ve successfully drawn a lemon! Now, we’re finally on the most exciting part, which is choosing the colors and coloring the lemon!

As we all know, lemons are pale yellow in color and its stem and leaves are green. You can opt to color the lemon using its original colors or handpick a unique set of colors! Feel free to choose any color you like to create a unique lemon like no other way!

However you choose to color the lemon, we’re sure the colors will turn out beautifully!

Have fun playing with colors and watch as the lemon ultimately comes to life?lemon drawing 9 steps

Your Lemon Drawing is Complete!

Hopefully, you had an amazing time drawing a lemon with the help of this step-by-step drawing tutorial.

If you enjoyed drawing a lemon, then you might also be interested in drawing a watermelon! Check out our “How to Draw” catalog to explore many more exciting drawing tutorials of other fruits!

All of our drawing tutorials are 100% free for you to use during your drawing activities.

We are also regularly uploading new content on our catalog so make sure you keep re-visiting our website to continuously learn how to draw something new! What would you like to draw next? Connect with us and let us know!

Soon after you’re done drawing and coloring a lemon, make sure to show off your masterpiece! Take a photo of your colored drawing and share it on our Facebook page and on Pinterest.

Don’t be embarrassed to post your artwork! You’ve worked so hard for it, so we’re sure it looks impressive!

We are excited to see your realistic lemon drawing!how to draw a lemon in 9 easy steps

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