Indian Corn Craft using Dyed Pumpkin Seeds

I was over at Joyfully Weary the other day checking out their Pumpkin Seed Mosaics. Rachel always has such amazing ideas! After looking at the pile of pumpkin seeds laying on my counter that had yet to be roasted, I decided crafting with them like Joyfully Weary did would be so much more fun. I love a good Indian Corn craft this time of the year and these seeds worked out just perfect!
We dyed our pumpkin seeds by putting them into sandwich baggies and adding liquid watercolors to them just like Joyfully Weary did. Let the kids squish them around and get them all good and coated.

We left ours in the bags for about 10 minutes before laying them out on wax paper to dry overnight.


The next morning we cut a corn cob shape out of yellow cardstock and my boys glued the pumpkin seeds onto it. Some of the seeds had the outer dry skin come off, taking the color out of them, so we tried not to use those seeds.


To finish the craft, we cut corn husks out of a brown lunch sack, crinkled them up and glued them to the back of the Indian Corn.

DSC0320 1
They turned out so colorful! If you don’t have liquid watercolors you might be able to just use food coloring. Never tried it though so I can’t guarantee results. I do have to say that I highly recommend investing in liquid watercolors if you craft regularly with your children. They are AWESOME! I bought mine from Oriental Trading and love them!
Happy Crafting!!




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