Contact Paper Sticky Wall Fall Tree

We have grown very fond of Contact Paper Sticky Wall Activities this past year. We recently created a beautiful Fall Tree out of a Contact Paper Sticky Wall. Not only did my daughter love the activity, but it turned out to be a lovely work of art on the wall!

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Materials you will need:

  • clear Contact Paper
  • scissors
  • washi tape or painters tape
  • brown packaging paper (or brown lunch sakes) OR brown tissue paper
  • red, orange, and yellow paper
  • 2-inch circle hole punch
1. Cut a sheet of contact paper from your roll, remove the backing and tape it to your wall with the sticky side facing out. We wanted more of a square shape so we ended up using two sheets and overlapping them in the middle.

2. Get all of your tree pieces ready. First I cut pieces for our tree. We used some brown packaging paper that we had from a package that was mailed to us, but brown lunch sacks or brown tissue paper would work just as well (if not better). I cut a large piece for a trunk and several small strips in varying lengths for the branches. Crinkle all of them to give them more of a realistic look.

You will also need to use your circle hole punch to cut out circles from your red, yellow and orange paper. Cut out as many as you would like. Kids love to help with this part! We cut out around 60, but I think our tree could have used even more.


3. Now comes the fun part of assembling your tree. Start by putting your trunk on your sticky wall. Then add all of your branches. My daughter asked for some help with where to place the branches. I let her guide the activity though and only assisted when she asked.


4. Add all of the leaves onto your tree branches to finish your tree. We of course had some falling off the tree and on the ground.


Even big brother got in on the fun on this one. It’s pretty hard to resist! When we do these sticky wall projects I almost want to make my very own sticky wall so I can play all by myself.  🙂

The crinkled brown paper popping off of the contact paper really adds dimension to this tree. I am love with it’s beautiful fall colors!


Note: We had a couple of our branches that had a little trouble staying on our tree. It might have been the weight of the packaging paper we used. We were able to just stick them back on and press them firmly on the contact paper, but the more lightweight material you use the better on these sticky walls. Lunch sacks and tissue paper would be a great tree base material.


Try coupling this activity with one of these books:

When Autumn Falls by Kelli Nidley

Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka


Check out another fabulous idea for Circle Punch Art from Craftulate. 


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