How to Make a Fall Sensory Bin

I have partnered up with Baby Einstein on this fun craft for kids. We hope your little ones enjoy this beautiful fall sensory bin.

The leaves are starting to change colors on trees outside and the fall season is officially here so it’s a perfect time to learn about and explore the changing season with your little ones. One great way to introduce little ones to the changing seasons is with a sensory bin.

The fall sensory bin we are sharing today is full of opportunities for little ones to explore the colors of the fall season and the texture of fallen leaves. It also provides ample opportunity for counting and using fine motor muscles.

This fall sensory bin activity is one that little ones can enjoy several times throughout the fall season. Make it in a plastic bin with a lid so you can put it away after you are finished playing and then bring it out again several times a week to discover and explore all over again.

How to Make a Fall Sensory Bin

Supplies Needed for this Fall Sensory Bin

  • small plastic bin
  • 2 cardboard tubes
  • 2 cardboard circles (about 5-3/4″ diameter)
  • fake leaves
  • felt leaves
  • Velcro circles
  • small metal tin
  • mini pumpkins
  • brown marker
  • scissors

Instructions to Make this Fall Sensory Activity

1. Gather your supplies. Use your brown marker to draw tree branches on both of your cardboard circles. Then draw bark lines and knots on your cardboard tubes.

2. Cut a 1-1/4″ slit down one of your cardboard tubes. On the opposite end of the circle cut another slit down the cardboard tube. Place one of your cardboard circles down inside the slits to make a tree. Repeat this step with the remaining cardboard tube and cardboard circle.

3. Place five of the Velcro circles (the rougher piece of the Velcro) on each of the cardboard trees. Then place a soft Velcro circle on ten of your felt leaves. Attach the felt leaves onto the trees with the Velcro pieces.

4. Pour 1-2 bags of fake fall leaves into your plastic bin. Place the cardboard trees in the back two corners of the bin surrounded by leaves. Place the mini pumpkins and small metal tin inside the fall sensory bin.

Your Fall Sensory Bin is now ready for play!

Babies and toddlers will love the opportunity to explore the contents of the sensory bin under your supervision. It is great to leave the activity as open-ended as possible but parents may also enjoy participating in the activity with the child, showing them fun ways to play with the sensory bin.

Depending on the age of the child, parents can show how the leaves on the trees can be removed and then placed back on the tree. Engage your child with different questions: How many leaves are on the tree? What colors are the leaves on the tree?

Encourage your child to feel the textures of the fake leaves in the bin by gathering them and filling up the small metal tin. How many leaves can you fit in the tin? Pour the leaves out and start over again.

How many pumpkins can you find in the sensory bin? Encourage your child to find them and count them out loud as they put them in the metal tin.

Want to see this beautiful fall sensory bin in action? Visit Baby Einstein on You Tube where you can watch the full tutorial for how to make it. You will also find other engaging videos for you little ones to watch.

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Explore and learn about the fall season with this beautiful fall sensory bin. Fun toddler learning activities, counting, colors and fine motor skills.

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