How to Draw A Hoodie – A Step by Step Guide

Hoodie Drawing in just 6 Easy Steps!

Drawing provides many challenges when you take on a new subject. Often, it can be the things we see most often in life that end up being surprisingly difficult to draw.

Clothing is one of those things that we are very familiar with but can present quite the challenge when it comes down to drawing it.

Most of us have worn a hoodie at one point or another, but if you’ve ever tried to draw one you may have found that it’s harder than it looks!

With this step-by-step guide on how to draw a hoodie in just 6 steps, you’ll find it doesn’t have to be hard at all!how to draw hoodie in 6 steps

How to Draw A Hoodie – Let’s Get Started!

Step 1drawing hoodie step 1

To begin this guide on how to draw a hoodie, let’s begin with the part of the garment that it gets its name from: the hood!

This will be quite a simple step, and we shall draw in the hood by drawing in a sharply curved line that looks like the one in our reference image. With that drawn, we can move on to the next step!

Step 2 – Now, start on the arms of the hoodiedrawing hoodie step 2

With the hood drawn in, you can now begin on the arms of your hoodie drawing. For the arm on the left, simply draw a line from just above where the left side of the hood ends.

The line for this arm will curve sharply before heading up towards the hood again. With that arm done, you can then repeat the process except mirrored on the right-hand side.

Step 3 – Next, let’s add a body to the hoodiedrawing hoodie step 3

Now that you have the hood and arms done, you can move on to the body of your hoodie drawing! This is another step that shouldn’t be too challenging if you have made it this far!

Using the reference picture as a guide, the line for the body of the hoodie will start from under the arm.

It will almost touch the top of the arm line, but there should be a little space between the lines.

The body of the hoodie will take on a fairly rectangular shape, and will begin and end under the arms.

While the shape will be vaguely rectangular, be sure to have a slight curve at the corners of the hoodie.

Step 4 – Draw in some more features for your hoodiedrawing hoodie step 4

In this step of our guide on how to draw a hoodie, we shall be adding in even more details to it.

Firstly, a hoodie would be a bit pointless if it didn’t have a hole for your head to go through! We don’t want this to be a pointless hoodie, so let’s add a hole to your hoodie drawing.

The shape for the hole will be rounded at the top, but end in a sharper, thin point at the bottom of the hoodie.

Now that you have this vital part of the hoodie, we shall add in some cuffs to the hoodie. To do this, simply draw in some thin shapes to the ends of the arms of your hoodie.

Once you have that done, you can draw in a similar shape to the bottom of the body of the hoodie. Once it looks like the picture, you’re good to go for some final details!

Step 5 – Let’s draw in some last details nowdrawing hoodie step 5

Your hoodie drawing is almost finished now! You’ll be ready to add in some color very soon, but before that, we should add some final details to your drawing.

Firstly, use some wavy lines underneath the hole for the head to make the strings of the hoodie.

Then, draw in some slightly curved lines to the body of the hoodie to make some pockets for it.

Lastly, simply draw in some lines to the shapes you made at the ends of the arms and the body of the hoodie for some extra texture details.

These are the final details that we would add, but feel free to add in any fun details you would like!

Step 6 – Finish off your hoodie drawing with some colordrawing hoodie step 6

The hoodie is drawn, the final details have been added and you’ve almost reached the end of this guide on how to draw a hoodie!

We hope that it was fun drawing your hoodie, because at this step the fun only goes on! For this step, you should really let your creativity run wild and show us what creativity you have!

We colored in our image with a pretty light blue, so this is one way you could go about it! You shouldn’t let this limit you though, and you should go with whatever colors you love!

Another fun way you could personalize your hoodie drawing would be to add a fun design to the front of the hoodie.

This could be anything from the logo of your favorite music artist, a movie you love or the face of a beloved pet!

What design and colors do you think you would add to this hoodie? You can also have a great time trying out some great art mediums such as paints, watercolors or colored pens for some wonderful color details!

Your Hoodie Drawing is Complete!

Now that you have added your colors and final designs, you have successfully reached the end fof this guide on how to draw a hoodie!

We created this guide to make this drawing much easier for you to tackle by breaking it down into manageable steps, so we really hope it was fun and helpful for you.

We are confident that if you follow the steps and take your time you’ll be drawing an awesome hoodie in no time.

Once you have the hoodie drawn and colored, how will you further personalize the drawing? By using some fun color choices, art mediums and details like a logo, you can really put a unique spin onto this drawing. We can’t wait to see how you express yourself!

We have many more step-by-step drawing guides coming out soon, so please remember to check our site frequently to never miss out!

Lastly, we would be thrilled to enjoy your amazing hoodie drawing, so please do share the finished drawing on our Facebook and Pinterest pages! We can’t wait to admire your drawing to draw a hoodie in 6 easy steps

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